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Hallo. Was ist das für eine neue Funktion EAS im Testkernel?


Die aktuelle Version des Kernels ist jetzt 0.39.

Wegen EAS bin ich im Moment überfragt.
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Heute neu in 3 Varianten

new kernel online
[ AK KERNEL - v. 043 ]

Download: AK.043.ANGLER
Download: AK.043.EAS.ANGLER

Project name: AK KERNEL
anarkia1976 - Kernel Version: AK.043.ANGLER
anarkia1976 - ak_angler_defconfig: regenerate Linux/arm64 3.10.97 Kernel Configuration
anarkia1976 - usb: gadget: added android-keyboard support
anarkia1976 - ak_angler_defconfig: optimize RCU
libin - Linux 3.10.97
anarkia1976 - Kernel Version: AK.041.ANGLER
Ratnesh Kumar - IKSWM-2219: msm: camera: Handling openCamera timeout
Alice Zhang - IKMMINTG-5921: msm: camera: 8992: 8994: delete session if post event failed
Yuanyuan Zhong - IKSWL-7840 ion: cma_heap: free mem if fail to create sg_table
Hong-Mei Li - IKSWL-18412 kernel: avoid adding non-thread-group task to LMK rbtree
Ray Essick - IKVPREL1L-9291 exec: reserve full virtual stack space at execve()
Ravi Vembu - IKSWM-1408: cpufreq: Avoid hardcoding device tree paths for CPU
anarkia1976 - Kernel Version: AK.040.ANGLER
Mark Salyzyn - android: base-cfg: Add CONFIG_IP_MULTICAST
Mark Salyzyn - android: recommended.cfg: enable taskstats
Lorenzo Colitti - selinux: nlmsgtab: add SOCK_DESTROY to the netlink mapping tables
Eric Dumazet - net: diag: support v4mapped sockets in inet_diag_find_one_icsk()
Lorenzo Colitti - net: tcp: deal with listen sockets properly in tcp_abort.
Lorenzo Colitti - net: diag: Support destroying TCP sockets.
Lorenzo Colitti - net: diag: Support SOCK_DESTROY for inet sockets.
Lorenzo Colitti - net: diag: Add the ability to destroy a socket.
Lorenzo Colitti - net: diag: split inet_diag_dump_one_icsk into two
Martijn Coenen - UPSTREAM: memcg: Only free spare array when readers are done
Kees Cook - UPSTREAM: seccomp: cap SECCOMP_RET_ERRNO data to MAX_ERRNO
Gilad Broner - msm: tspp: add null check in sps callback
Vasily Kulikov - UPSTREAM: include/linux/poison.h: fix LIST_POISON{1,2} offset
Vlastimil Babka - UPSTREAM: mm: more aggressive page stealing for UNMOVABLE allocations
Vlastimil Babka - UPSTREAM: mm: always steal split buddies in fallback allocations
Mel Gorman - UPSTREAM: mm: page_alloc: use unsigned int for order in more places
Vlastimil Babka - UPSTREAM: mm: when stealing freepages, also take pages created by splitting buddy page
Vlastimil Babka - UPSTREAM: mm/page_alloc: prevent MIGRATE_RESERVE pages from being misplaced
KOSAKI Motohiro - UPSTREAM: mm: __rmqueue_fallback() should respect pageblock type
KOSAKI Motohiro - UPSTREAM: mm: get rid of unnecessary overhead of trace_mm_page_alloc_extfrag()
Srivatsa S. Bhat - UPSTREAM: mm/page_alloc.c: fix the value of fallback_migratetype in alloc_extfrag tracepoint()
Srivatsa S. Bhat - UPSTREAM: mm/page_allo.c: restructure free-page stealing code and fix a bug
Oleg Nesterov - UPSTREAM: proc: actually make proc_fd_permission() thread-friendly
Oleg Nesterov - UPSTREAM: proc: make proc_fd_permission() thread-friendly
Lorenzo Colitti - net: tcp: check for SOCK_DEAD again in tcp_nuke_addr
Minchan Kim - BACKPORT: mm: /proc/pid/smaps:: show proportional swap share of the mapping
Eric Dumazet - net: fix IP early demux races
imoseyon - ARM: dts: msm: enable UFS ICE
AnilKumar Chimata - qseecom: Enable crypto clocks for SSD listener service
Dinesh K Garg - qseecom: handle HW FDE key operations asynchronously
Mallikarjuna Reddy Amireddy - qseecom: Fix: qseecom_send_service_cmd failing secure world busy
Puneet Mishra - qseecom: Remove core affinity requirement when loading external elf files
Mallikarjuna Reddy Amireddy - qseecom: Remove legacy TZ scm_call request support.
Zhen Kong - qseecom: add mutex protection for unloading app in qseecom_release
AnilKumar Chimata - qseecom: Propagate qseecom_load_external_elf failure to userspace
Zhen Kong - qseecom: change _qseecom_send_cmd errno if app is not found
Zhen Kong - qseecom: Change qseecom bw_inactive_req_ws worker
Dinesh K Garg - msm: qseecom: handle vdd power supply correctly
Amit Blay - qseecom: Add MDTP cipher DIP support
Zhen Kong - qseecom: Send 64bit physical address for TZ 4.0
imoseyon - Revert "Revert "ARM: dts: qcom: enable ICE driver for msm8994""
Dinesh K Garg - crypto: ice: Add more ICE debug registers
Dinesh K Garg - crypto: ice: Check right bit for BYPASS status
Dinesh K Garg - crypto: ice: fix ICE HW setup sequence
Dinesh K Garg - crypto: ice: Add an interface to dump ICE register
Dinesh K Garg - crypto: ice: Update ICE regs with correct value for optimization
Dinesh K Garg - crypto: ice: Fix ICE key index type
Dinesh K Garg - crypto: ice: Add support of BIST
Dinesh K Garg - crypto: ice: Add support of new interrupts for ICE
AnilKumar Chimata - crypto: ice: use devm api to unmap IO Resource
Dinesh K Garg - crypto: ice: use devm api to unmap IO Resource
Dinesh K Garg - qcom: ice: Expose an API to setup ICE hardware
Dinesh K Garg - crypto: msm: ice: Add support for eMMC based ICE
Dinesh K Garg - qseecom: Update ICE driver for eMMC based ICE HW
Dinesh K Garg - msm: qseecom: Update ICE driver for next version of ICE hardware
Dinesh K Garg - crypto: qcom: Update ICE driver for next version of hardware
Dinesh K Garg - md: Enable discard option for dm-req-crypt based devices
Dinesh K Garg - md: dm-req-crypt: Initialize auto variable
Dinesh K Garg - md: dm-req-crypt: Remove few extra checks from write request path
Dinesh K Garg - md: Enable cache flush for dm-req-crypt based devices
AnilKumar Chimata - md: dm-req-crypt: Separate qcrypto from ICE path
AnilKumar Chimata - md: Remove unnecessary check
Dinesh K Garg - md: Set tfm NULL if crypto mode is not available
Dinesh K Garg - md: Null check allocated mem pools before releasing
Dinesh K Garg - md: dm-req-crypt: Pool based mechanism to manage crypto data
Sami Tolvanen - dm verity: add ignore_zero_blocks feature
Sami Tolvanen - dm verity: add support for forward error correction
Sami Tolvanen - dm verity: factor out verity_for_bv_block()
Sami Tolvanen - dm verity: factor out structures and functions useful to separate object
Sami Tolvanen - dm verity: move dm-verity.c to dm-verity-target.c
Sami Tolvanen - dm verity: separate function for parsing opt args
Sami Tolvanen - dm verity: clean up duplicate hashing code
Sami Tolvanen - dm verity: port upstream changes to 3.10
Vinayak Menon - mm: fix compile time error with !CONFIG_CMA
Jamie Liu - mm/swapfile.c: do not skip lowest_bit in scan_swap_map() scan loop
Vinayak Menon - mm: vmpressure: account allocstalls only on higher pressures
Liam Mark - Revert "Revert "mm: add cma pcp list""
Catalin Marinas - mm: kmemleak: allow safe memory scanning during kmemleak disabling
Li Zefan - kmemleak: change some global variables to int
Shiraz Hashim - mm: process_reclaim: use unbounded cpu workqueue
Vinayak Menon - mm: showmem: make the notifiers atomic
Vinayak Menon - mm: process_reclaim: do not iterate over stale task structs
Vinayak Menon - mm: process_reclaim: fix reclaim skip on low efficiency
Vignesh Radhakrishnan - mm: vmstat: make vmstat_work cpu bound during requeue
Vinayak Menon - mm: process reclaim: vmpressure based process reclaim
Minchan Kim - mm: Support address range reclaim
Minchan Kim - mm: Enhance per process reclaim to consider shared pages
Minchan Kim - mm: Remove shrink_page
Minchan Kim - mm: make shrink_page_list with pages work from multiple zones
Minchan Kim - mm: Per process reclaim
Minchan Kim - mm: prevent to write out dirty page in CMA by may_writepage
Vinayak Menon - mm: vmpressure: scale pressure based on reclaim context
Vinayak Menon - mm: page-writeback: fix page state calculation in throttle_vm_writeout
Vinayak Menon - mm: compaction: fix the page state calculation in too_many_isolated
Rom Lemarchand - memcg: add permission check
Liam Mark - mm: page owner support for dma
Li Zefan - kmemleak: allow freeing internal objects after kmemleak was disabled
Li Zefan - kmemleak: free internal objects only if there're no leaks to be reported
Catalin Marinas - mm: kmemleak: avoid false negatives on vmalloc'ed objects
Vinayak Menon - mm: vmpressure: allow in-kernel clients to subscribe for events
Liam Mark - lowmemorykiller: Don't count swap cache pages twice
Vinayak Menon - mm: swap: don't delay swap free for fast swap devices
AnilKumar Chimata - qseecom: Update key id strings for full disk encryption
Jaewon Kim - ratelimit: fix bug in time interval by resetting right begin time
anarkia1976 - ak_angler_defconfig: enable KEXEC_HARDBOOT
Zhuowei Zhang - Kexec-hardboot: fix kimage_head for post reboot list, tweak logging
Zhuowei Zhang - Attempt at porting kexec-hardboot for arm64; not working at all
Geoff Levand - debugging: Bypass purgatory
Ard Biesheuvel - of/fdt: export fdt blob as /sys/firmware/fdt
Aaron Kling - Add kexec support for aarch64


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Ich bräuchte eure hilfe,
jedes mal wenn ich mit synapse ein Profil aktivieren will startet es zwar neu aber dann stürzt es direkt ab und wenn ich dann Synapse wieder starten willkommt immer Synapse wurde beendet.
Schon mal danke im voraus :)

EDIT: Problem gefunden SeLinux war nicht auf Permissive.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


OT ist von mir überarbeitet

new kernel online
[ AK KERNEL - v. 045 ]


updated eas energy model to new 8994 soc
reverted all mm & dm patches (no more drain, CM compatibility)
merged stuffs from common branch
ecc ecc

Project name: AK KERNEL
anarkia1976 - Kernel Version: AK.045.ANGLER
Tim Murray - ANDROID: mmc: move to a SCHED_FIFO thread
liping.zhang - net: tcp: fix rtable leak in tcp_is_local[6]
Mike Snitzer - UPSTREAM: math64: New separate div64_u64_rem helper
Rasmus Villemoes - UPSTREAM: lib/string.c: introduce strreplace()
David Howells - UPSTREAM: KEYS: Separate the kernel signature checking keyring from module signing
David Howells - UPSTREAM: KEYS: Have make canonicalise the paths of the X.509 certs better to deduplicate
David Howells - UPSTREAM: KEYS: Load*.x509 files into kernel keyring
anarkia1976 - Kernel Version: AK.044.ANGLER
anarkia1976 - ak_angler_defconfig: fix typo related to last merge
anarkia1976 - gcc-wrapper: hard code python for arch linux support
anarkia1976 - ak-angler-build: switch to local toolchain
Zuletzt bearbeitet:



linux 3.10.98
multirom fixes
merged stuffs from LA.BF64
cpu boost spam log fix
f2fs encryption enabled
ecc ecc

Project name: AK KERNEL
anarkia1976 - Kernel Version: AK.046.ANGLER
anarkia1976 - ak_angler_defconfig: enable F2FS_FS_ENCRYPTION
Chen Gang - kernel/kexec.c: use vscnprintf() instead of vsnprintf() in vmcoreinfo_append_str()
Kees Cook - kexec: add sysctl to disable kexec_load
anarkia1976 - Kernel Version: AK.046.ANGLER
Sagar Gore - msm: camera: isp: Dual vfe enable write master sync
Rajesh Bondugula - msm: camera: sensor: Disable debug logs
Rajesh Bondugula - msm: camera: sensor: Disable excess logs
Srinivasarao P - cpufreq: Correct the data reported in all_time_in_state
Ben Romberger - ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Correctly free ASM no wait queue
Joel Voss - IKSWL-3373: selinux: Improve avc logging
Joseph Lo - CHROMIMU: arm64: psci: lower the cpu_kill notification when racing with cpu_die
Pranav Vashi - cpufreq: cpu-boost: Disable sched boost
Corey Wright - proc: Fix ptrace-based permission checks for accessing task maps
Takashi Iwai - Linux 3.10.98


Wochenende und ein update.

Scheint diesmal auch wieder mit Screw'd Android zu laufen.

The AK server is down for now so enjoy ext download for the new kernel release:


[ AK KERNEL - v. 053 ]


linux 3.10.101
f2f2 updated to the latest stable
reverted hrtick
reverted unstable patches
ecc ecc



welchen von den 3 Kernel muss man installieren?



Ich habe immer den normalen

Aber nimm ruhig den aktuellen. Den 0.53

Der 0.51 war problematisch, aber der aktuelle läuft wieder gewohnt gut.


Den normalen bekomme ich nicht installiert.
Habe Multrom recovery und als secondary CM13


Dann bin ich überfragt. Vielleicht gibt's noch jemand mit Multi


new kernel online

The AK server is down for now so enjoy ext download for the new kernel release:


[ AK KERNEL - v. 060 ]


fixed all problems
ecc ecc

Jetzt läuft es wieder richtig rund.
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Habe ein gutes Performance Profil für Synapse erstellt und möchte es gerne mit euch teilen.
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Bearbeitet von qu4nd - Grund: Bild gespoilert. Bitte ggf. Anhang verwenden. - qu4nd