[ROM] ViperMax 1.0.1 | Android 4.3 | Sense 5.5 | International Support

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habe auf XDA die o.g. Rom entdeckt. Getestet habe ich sie selbst nicht, aber sieht ganz solide aus und hat interessante Features (Sidebar).

Hier könnt ihr mal schauen
ViperMax 1.0.1 | Android 4.3 | Sense 5.5 | International Support - xda-developers

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und die FAQ auf Englisch

1. When will the next version be released?
Wrong question.

2. How do I install the rom?!
ViperMax Install Instructions
Download the the latest ViperOne full ROM zip from the download section
Place the file somewhere on your phone storage. Alternatively, if you have a USB OTG cable (I have this exact one), you can place the rom on a USB key (FAT32, NTFS are all supported).
Confirm the MD5 on the download page matches the MD5 of the file on your phone (ES File Explorer will show the MD5 of the file)
Reboot to TWRP Recovery
Backup current ROM if desired
Install ROM using TWRP and select wipe during aroma install if coming from another base
Reboot and Enjoy

If Aroma hangs up, reboot your recovery by holding vol-up and power until phone resets...then before it begins booting up, hold volume down, load into recovery and try again.

3. How do install OTA (Over-The-Air) updates?
Settings - About - Software updates

4. How do I restore my HEQS (Horizontal Enhanced Quick Settings)?
Try long pressing the date in the notification bar (Pressing the date for about 2 seconds will toggle between HEQS, Quick Launch bar and "nothing")

5. How do I make my device look like stock?
To disable some of the tweaks, do the following:
Disable HEQS (Horizontal Enhanced Quick Settings): Long press the date in the notification bar for about 2 seconds to toggle between modes until it's hidden
Disable Weather: Tweaks - Status Bar - Weather - Hide
Disable Header Text (cpu usage, etc.): Tweaks - Status Bar - Header - Information - Hide
Disable VEQS (Vertical Enhanced Quick Settings): Tweaks - Status Bar - Vertical quick settings - Disable

6. I have a problem with the ROM (FC, Boot Loop, apps closing automatically). How can I get my problem resolved?
First things first. Try wiping data and replicating the issue:
Rebooting into Recovery
Perform a Nandroid backup (of just Data if you wish)
Flash the ROM and select the option to "Wipe Data"
Try replicating the issue

If the problem persists, capture a logcat and send it to me.

To capture a logcat, If you have fastboot setup, you already have the drivers installed and probably already have adb.exe in the same folder as fastboot.exe:
Open the Command Prompt (run it as Administrator if UAC is enabled in Windows)
run adb logcat >c:\logcat.txt
To capture an FC, use the command adb shell "logcat | grep AndroidRuntime" >c:logcat.txt
Press Control-C to stop logging
Paste the contents of c:\logcat.txt into http://pastebin.com
Post the link here with the problem being experienced

If you still have the issue, check to see if it's been reported here and create a new incident if it already hasn't: http://venomroms.com/forums/project.php?projectid=14
7. Whats the md5 sum thing?
It ensures, that the rom is downloaded correctly and completly to avoid weird issues when installing/using the rom. Google for "md5 sum checker" and you should find what you need.

8. I found a theme or mod, will it work on this rom?
It's NOT recommended to use mod/themes that dont clearly state, that they are compatible with our rom. Thems/Mods always use framework files which will brake mods/stuff in our rom.

9. My question is not listed here, what to do?
Ensure you used the xda search, google and your brain before asking a question in the thread. If you cant find an answer yourself we will answer your question for sure! (-:

10. My media (pictures, music, etc.) is not listed in the Gallery/HTC Music/etc.
Try rescanning your SDCARD by using an app such as Media Scanner

11. What are the correct sizes for custom carrier logo?
Try 100x100

12. Developer mode is no longer listed in Settings. How do I enable it?
Go to Settings - About - Software information - More and click on the Build number 7 times. (For real! )

13. Insufficient storage error on app update/install in play store
14. Where can I find themes for this ROM, besides the HUB?
You can find themes and information on how to make your own here.
15. Themes from the HUB make my icons too large, why?
The One Max uses different dimension icons. Venom Themers will be updating statusbar themes to accomidate this change over the next couple of days.
Vielleicht hat ja jemand lust sie auszuprobieren.

Weder ich noch der Autor übernehmen Garantie oder Haftung für eventuelle Schäden.

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Getestet und für gut befunden, nette tweaks, keine bugs usw. Warte auf ein 4.4 update mit Sense 6 update:)


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und wann ?


Und wie ist das mit dieser sidebar? Funktioniert das gut, und hat es einen deutlichen Mehrwert?


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impidan schrieb:
Und wie ist das mit dieser sidebar? Funktioniert das gut, und hat es einen deutlichen Mehrwert?
Fand die sidebar am Anfang ganz OK, aber ist doch eher unnütz.

Update 2.0 legt noch mal nach und bringt venom mit 4.4.2 Android. Leider noch ohne sense6


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Funktioniert der Fingerprintreader?



ViperMax 2.0.0 | Android 4.4 | Sense 5.5 | International Support (5/1/2014)

leider kein changelog gefunden, aber immerhin jetzt auch Android 4.4!


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hallo,habe das viperone jetzt knapp über 3 monaten drauf und bin stets zufrieden es läuft alles optimal,nur habe ich jetzt seit gestern das der nicht mehr aufgeladen wird,komme nicht über 15%,woran könnte das liegen?jemand schon erfahrungen mit sowas gemacht?