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Hier eine (man soll es kaum glauben) 18s des Devs der tollen Purple ROM, Stock-ROM basierend.
Laut seiner Meinung ist die 18s die beste Version, was Batterieverbrauch angeht und auch sehr flott, Screenshot eines Antutu mit fast 96k gibt ihm Recht.

Er meint, dass 23s oder 26s zu viel Strom verbrauchen.

Er hat dann die 18s gepimpt mit dem Sicherheitspatch von April 2017, also nun aktueller als die 26s Beta :lol:

Thread auf

[2.5.2017][MTK X20 ROM] X620 purple fire 018S customized version of the old version of the high-level power | viper | a key to open nuclear | DPI | green | Advanced restart | refrigerator | Root version

Original Thread auf MobileUncle:

乐视X620 紫火018S高级定制版 老版省电|蝰_最新最全的乐2/乐2 ProROM刷机包下载、刷机 - 手机版

Features laut Google Übersetzer:

Recently with the new version was feeling consumption increased a lot, so to re-create the old version of the 018S a bit, feeling small power consumption, there is a need to try it,

purple fire 018S advanced custom version updates: (Shuangqing into the brush)
official 018S produced according to the official version of the music as the X620, 018S is also EUI5.8 last version, is also relatively energy efficient version, it is quite recommended,
we had a very clean to clean the inside of the music, as the family bucket system, including some of the music, as the steward of the application, the housekeeper features will appear in the various options set inside,
built-purple fire toolbox , providing powerful advanced features, you need what point, automatically download (the tool will automatically add, drop-down list to refresh to see whether new tools) we currently offer functions are as follows:
the CPU controller / MTK CPU a key to open the nuclear / DPI adjuster / advanced restart / Viper audio / BusyBox installer / wifi password to view / green guardian / ice applications Box / Performance Monitor / call Flash / CPUz hardware to see so many senior playing machine tools, the use of these tools in the toolbox instructions inside the software to view,
optimize the phone's daily power consumption, mobile phone battery life longer,
optimizing the phone fluency ,
modify the official Desktop button to lock the middle of the live-screen function,
optimizing internal phone application necessary experience,
optimize the use of mobile phones running memory space,
if you need to use sweep the feature, you can install the software we provide recovery (installed to try to restart ):

side note:
brush may clear the system data, please back up personal data in advance,
this brush pack please brush into the third-party recovery mode in,
brushing than the first boot Note that slow about 5 minutes, is recommended restart after power first, second turn on the fast,
we did not find ROOT privileges if after brush, brush again to try to re-Qing, root privileges take effect the probability of,
if required clean version, you can Contact us to customize purple fire,

Die Gapps wie immer nicht an Bord, ROM out of the box nur in CN/EN, keine weiteren Sprachen integriert.

Die Installation wie immer:
ROM runterladen aufs X620, Reboot in Recovery, wenn von anderer ROM kommend, Fullwipe mit Data, Cache, Dalvik, System, das ROM installieren und Reboot.
Falls der Hinweis kommt "Kein OS installiert, wollen Sie wirklich neu starten", noch mal direkt von der TWRP aus in Recovery starten und das ROM dann OHNE Wipes noch einmal installieren.

Nach der Ersteinrichtung mit Google Installer die gapps installieren.

Flashen wie immer auf eigene Gefahr :sneaky:

Screenshot, Stock EUI halt....




Achtung, bei mir hat das ROM nicht funktioniert, da keine APN sichtbar waren, nach einer erneuten Installation ohne Wipes waren die APN sichtbar, kurz danach aber wieder verschwunden.
Also keine Mobile Verbindung möglich.