[MTK X20 ROM] music 2 music 2pro-EUI5.8-16S

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Diskutiere [MTK X20 ROM] music 2 music 2pro-EUI5.8-16S im Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für LeEco Le2 Pro (X620) im Bereich LeEco Le 2 Pro (X620/X52x) Forum.


Zurück in die Zukunft....

Eine Stock 16s für das X620, soll besonders Akkufreundlich sein und kommt allerdings mit neusten Android Patch von Juni.

Original Thread auf MobileUncle:


Features laut Google:

Based on the classic official EUI5.8-16S stable version of the production
Modify Live as a lock screen, remove music watch desktop
Based on the previous version
Optimize memory usage without Caton
Such as the emergence of yellow box, close the USB debugging can be
Add ROOT perfect permissions
Optimize global touch response speed
BOOT power saving optimization to reduce power consumption
Optimize desktop fluency without Caton
The global speed optimization of the interface
Remove useless software and LIB files
Stream music as the mall, fans community, music as the game

====== music as advanced settings special version =========
To ensure that all features in the advanced settings are working properly, open supersu first, then go to the advanced settings for operation, and some of the features require root authorization
* Xposed frame (must be installed xposed frame components, the installation is completed automatically restart)
* Status bar custom (XP module tick)
* Model camouflage (XP module under the hook)
* Dolby sound effects
* Viper sound (when installed to wait for a while)
* Default application management
* Call flash
* Speed display
* Application of dual open (support for a variety of applications to use double)
* Sidebar (more convenient operation)
* WIFI password view
* Quick restart
* Application freeze
* CPU settings

1. The ROM I have passed the test, as a result of improper operation of the consequences, I and the forum will not assume any responsibility;
2. Brush before the battery to ensure that more than 20% of the electricity, and ensure that the brush machine during the mobile phone and computer without any exception, brush machine process will last 2-10 minutes, please be patient;
3. Brush a risk, the first brush machine, please read the forum brush guide, etc., or at your own risk;
4. I do not own ROM and the copyright of the program, please study and study for the purpose of legitimate use;
5. I declare that the use of various users of the ROM does not provide any guarantee, does not guarantee the applicability of ROM, does not guarantee trouble-free; does not guarantee absolute security and stability;
6. It is also not responsible for any theoretical or actual loss suffered by any user using this ROM;
7. It is forbidden to tamper with my work! In particular, no technical content of the second package integration promotion software, offenders must study!
8. If you download and brush into this ROM, it means that this agreement has been accepted by default

Da es sich um ein "altes" ROM handelt, ist sicherlich ein Fullwipe von Nöten.






Sieht sehr vertrauenswürdig aus...


Sieht so aus wie jede chinesische ROM.....


Patch ist von Juni 2016, ich dachte, die hätten da einen aktuellen reingebaut, dann kann man das ja vergessen, Stichwort Scheunentor.....