MTK X20 ROM] S3 EUI6.0

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Diskutiere MTK X20 ROM] S3 EUI6.0 im Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für LeEco Le2 Pro (X620) im Bereich LeEco Le 2 Pro (X620/X52x) Forum.


Update von heute, EUI 6.0 Stock für das X620

乐2乐2Pro乐S3 EUI6.0桌面 行列布局 抽题模_最新最全的乐2/乐2 ProROM刷机包下载、刷

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[MTK X20 ROM] S3 EUI6.0 desktop layout layout model moderately streamlined 2017.7.1 UPDATE

Features laut Google:

This package has been added to the mark, forbid the second package
based on music 2 music 2Pro music S3 official version 26S production
desktop using EUI6.0 latest desktop, support the ranks of the layout, the model model
EUI6.0 latest desktop fluency faster, Caton
version of this version did not join the advanced settings, the original
added ROOT perfect authority to
optimize the global touch response speed
BOOT power optimization to reduce power consumption to
optimize the desktop fluency is not Carton
optimized memory control to improve the stability
of the interface to optimize the overall speed
optimization wifi Improve the stability of the
deletion of useless software and LIB files
streamlined music as mall, fans community, music games, etc.


Gerade installiert, ist Fake News, immer noch 5.9.....


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