ROM Flyme auf Basis Nougat 7.1.2 für das X620

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Diskutiere ROM Flyme auf Basis Nougat 7.1.2 für das X620 im Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für LeEco Le2 Pro (X620) im Bereich LeEco Le 2 Pro (X620/X52x) Forum.


Ycjeson hat ein ROM veröffentlicht, FlymeOS auf Basis von Nougat

乐视2/2Pro Flyme6.8.1.22R 基于Android7.1_最新最全的乐2/乐2 ProROM刷机包下载、刷

Der Google Übersetzer spuckt folgendes aus:

ROM Author: ycjeson
BUG submitted: 微博
Android version: 7.1.2
Updated Date: 2018-01-27
Applicable models: LeTV 2 / 2Pro (MTK series)

  • To avoid losing data, we strongly recommend that you do a good job of backup of important data
  • If it is the first brush into, be sure to clear the data and system data, do not Shuangqing brush machine
  • If you do not see root boot application after power-on, then brush ROM once
  • When using ROOT authorization, please open the authorization application, so authorization will be much faster
  • Must brush on the bottom of EUI5.8 and above

Disclaimer / Acknowledgments
This ROM prohibits any form of secondary packaging. Wrapping party prevalent, do not steal the exclusive results, reference please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation.
Thanks Flyme open source project, LineageOS, development team of small partners

Update log
Flyme6 to the content of the axis of the system design is more sub-clear, full of immersion, delicate and dynamic animation effects make browsing the page become interesting and fun.
Innovative to join the smart thinking engine, users can learn the habit of operating independently, according to the use of scenarios to provide intelligent solutions to create mobile light intelligence.
More powerful parallel space security mode allows users to switch between multiple identities and more scenarios.

Meizu open source Flyme6 instrumentation adapter, based on LineageOS14.1 end of the package
The first updated version, has fixed a large number of problems, fingerprint infrared are normal, to meet the daily use
Updated to Flyme 6 latest 8.1.22R latest code
Fix the signal problem
Add CM camera
Add full root privileges
Add panoramic Dolby sound

Known BUG:
Bottom problem: Unicom card can not send text messages, does not support the telecom card, does not support the camera HDR, the other to be feedback.

Ich werde mal versuchen, ob ich das herunterladen kann.


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