[ROM] LineageOS 7.0 für das X620

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Diskutiere [ROM] LineageOS 7.0 für das X620 im Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für LeEco Le2 Pro (X620) im Bereich LeEco Le 2 Pro (X620/X52x) Forum.


Gerade entdeckt auf Mobile Uncle:

【N】原生lineageOS.3.22|Xp双网速|摇晃耗_最新最全的乐2/乐2 ProROM刷机包下载、刷机

Leider kann ich mich dort nicht mehr einloggen, weil da eine Sicherheitsabfrage kommt, die ich nie eingerichtet habe.

Aber vielleicht hat ja hier noch jemand die Möglichkeit, an die Datei zu gelangen

Features laut Google Übersetzer:

CPU real-time monitoring
  • CPU core/power saving/smooth/full-open mode
  • King's glory mode, the principle is to deceive the king to glorify the stilt mode by modifying the model for OPPO R11
  • Add multi-function goggles to customize RGB values, remove ads and contact permissions
  • Press the virtual button for the status bar for a long press. Short press to add the “popup program list for user to select and run” function
  • Add more customization for shaking your phone
  • Added status bar left side virtual key (default is hidden unavailable status), virtual key long press, short press function can be customized, default short press is lock screen, long press is screen shot, multiple functions are optional
  • Added the right side of the status bar virtual key (the default is to hide the unavailable state), the virtual key long press, short press function can be customized, the default short press for the lock screen, long press for the shutdown menu, a variety of functions optional
  • Add mobile shake custom function, which is off by default
  • Added iOS-style status bar with time centered, left signal, advanced settings
  • Add "Advanced Settings" program to freeze system functions
  • Since Xposed is a powerful and unsteady tool, it is the culprit of the mobile phone's heat and power consumption, so please choose to use
  • Add CPU performance control to set the highest and lowest CPU frequency
  • Added DPI display density switching
  • Use standard SuperSU as an authorization management tool
  • Add system signature cracking function
  • Added ZTE Screen Assistant
  • Added a practical WiFi password viewer, opened in Advanced Settings
  • Added mandatory RE manager
  • Complete ROOT permission using standard SuperSU as an authorization tool


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Hast du mal den J Downloader 2 probiert?
Bei hat es nach einem halben Tag geklappt als ich was von der Seite laden wollte. :thumbsup:


Hat bei mir nix zum Download angezeigt beim Einfügen der URL