[ROM] MIUI9 Multi-Sprachen für das X620

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Diskutiere [ROM] MIUI9 Multi-Sprachen für das X620 im Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für LeEco Le2 Pro (X620) im Bereich LeEco Le 2 Pro (X620/X52x) Forum.


Hier eine neue MIUI-Version von Wazl, diesmal gnädigerweise als "Poland", sprich mit etlichen Sprachen zur Auswahl.
Kommt wie immer ohne gapps.
Android Patch ist von 5/12/17
Face Unlock funktioniert laut Beschreibung, kommt, wie bei Wazl üblich, mit Leeco Stock Kamera (28s Version)

乐视2 波兰MIUI9.8.1.6 人脸速充 核心省电_最新最全的乐2/乐2 ProROM刷机包下载、刷

Features laut Google Übersetzer:

  • Polish version
  • New code power calibration
  • New Core Schema Visual GPU Mode Optimized
  • Add Xposed activation uninstall does not like to use, you do not need to activate it!
  • Temperature control manual restart better
  • Update pull-down 5 fast
  • Add transition animation two
  • Status bar virtual key settings
  • Fast charge method: plug the charger, bright screen - off screen - bright screen - off screen
  • Resolution power saving program
  • About resolution: 720P can be used with the DPI300 280 can be used to display a better default theme display incomplete, you can change the other theme, perfect display!Other self-test the best value
  • Transport storage cleaning more smooth
  • Face unlocked
  • WeChat Video Can not Shoot Problem has been fixed
  • Black-field usage: can be used directly, if you can not use, click on the activation wait for the black box to open automatically
  • Please ensure that your bottom is EUI5.9 This communication will be more perfect
  • Support xposed various modules can be used as appropriate
  • Add time to display Lunar New Year and other styles
  • Meizu suspended ball: down to open the status bar / slide left and right to open the taskbar / slide back to the desktop, other features under development .....
  • Support infrared
  • Exclusive music as the camera
  • King glory tips: advanced settings
  • Upon discovering the contents of this advanced setting must be:
  • Multiple animation elements
  • Shake / Swipe / Double-click the status bar lock screen and other definitions
  • cpu set new performance mode, support for manual control of the core! Support boot from Kai! Prohibit theft without permission!
  • Screen assistant, support for screen shots
  • Freeze, uninstall arbitrary use
  • LCD global size adjustment
  • MIUI features switching: desktop layout, time-centered
  • WiFi password check
  • Increase millet store recovery, please restore in other additional settings, manual restart to take effect