[ROM] [MTK X20 ROM] ResurrectionRemix-M-v5.7.4

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Auf Basis MM 6.0

ROM Author: Juenfy
Applicable models: X620 (MTK X20)
Feedback: weibo.com/Juenfy

I have successfully tested through this ROM is MTK version, Qualcomm do not brush! ! !
EUI5.8 / 5.9 bottom TWRP brush into the first Shuangqing brush [Note]
Because it is a foreign machine transplant some of the ROM, so the ROM is not part of the set-up, to be finished, then need to decompile settings modify string.xml, I do not speak English well, and the workload a bit big, so too lazy finished. Haha! ! Make do with it! Does not affect. There are the following remix profile I copy others with the same version, it should be roughly the same, of course, there are many powerful features not introduced, such as gestures, OmniSwitch, etc.

【ROM Features】
Remix5.7.4 based on the Los13 Transplantation of the Great God Kangburra

Fingerprint infrared and all other functions to add the normal root privileges to add Dolby sound

[Remix features section tips]
1. Screenshot: At the same time by volume + power button for 2 seconds to achieve

2. Weather location changes: add desktop weather widget or go to the settings - Configuration - Miscellaneous - the weather inside, select weather openweather, and then customize your location, online update confirmation

3. Developer mode is hidden by default, you need to open go to Settings - About this unit - Click on the version number 5 times later to see

4. Attribution and lunar calendar do not show, go to Settings - language and input method which can be re-select Simplified Chinese

5. Remove the status bar # Method: Settings - Configuration - Status Bar - Super user rights to hook to

6. browser can not download things solution open settings - application - browser - permissions - open the store to download things

7. The recent mission interface application lock: Use the left sliding or click the lock in the upper right corner of the application to lock or unlock, lock the killing task, will not appear in the background, but the lock application has not been terminated!

8. Background a key to clear the key settings: Settings - Configuration - Recent Tasks - Clear all recent tasks button check to!

Flashlight comes with a drop-down notification bar which you can see, click to open and close.

Thanks to the team and individuals: remix team, Cyanogenmod team, Kangburra and others



Ist nix besonderes meiner Meinung nach, Patch vom Januar 2017, Baseband und Co. auch nicht gerade aktuell.
Die Stock Kamera hat nur 8,2 MP und kann kein Panorama.
Akkuverbrauch in Standby sehr hoch.
Bei meinem Phone 30% über Nacht.


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kingoftf schrieb:
Remix5.7.4 based on the Los13 Transplantation of the Great God Kangburra
sagt ja schon alles.
So ein Hobbybastler wohl :)