[ROM] Stock 26s beta von Wazl für das X620

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Diskutiere [ROM] Stock 26s beta von Wazl für das X620 im Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für LeEco Le2 Pro (X620) im Bereich LeEco Le 2 Pro (X620/X52x) Forum.


Hier noch eine weitere Beta der neuen ROM Stock 26s, diesmal vom Dev Wazl, dem Entwickler der tollen MIUI mit Stock-Kamera.
Läuft auf meinem X620 wesentlich flotter als das andere schon vorgestellte ROM, zumindest laut Messung bei Antutu

ROM ist nur in Englisch / Chinesisch, die Apps können aber zumindest eingedeutscht werden mit Morelocale aus dem Shop.

Gapps sind ebenfalls nicht mit an Bord und müssen mit Google Installer eingerichtet werden.

Thread auf Leeco.re:

[MTK X20 ROM] [EUI] 26S latest official test - the new feeling CPU-DIY shaking slippery brightness time is not only broken DPI smooth and durable


  • Boot directly skip! Directly into the desktop
  • Support xposed
  • Mainly maintain official stability
  • Desktop can choose drawer type
  • Desktop can choose other desktops
  • Update root2.79
  • Dolby Skills: Settings / Sound or Advanced Settings inside {Do not choose game mode - only music as 1S}
  • Promotions can be uninstalled by the re manager
  • After testing, ROOT authority is normal
  • Time-centered selection of three-stage non-modular
  • UI landscaping device
  • Strengthen the freeze unloading
  • Strengthen the CPU content, make it more abundant
    • Definition switch
    • other
    • Add the latest version of Viper sound effects
    • Integrated xposed
    • Advanced settings are moved to the settings
    • Increase the status bar to switch items
    • Advanced settings are implemented using code, not bundled with a large number of apk
    • Dat format brush machine, better authority
    • Pull down the lunar display
    • Optimize init.d permissions
    • Integrated busybox instruction set

    To update [if not, then deleted]:
    • Add goggles
    • Add mandatory self-management, ROOT authority to implement, can effectively prevent some boot program
    • Shake the custom
    • Status bar advanced settings
    • Slide the status bar to adjust the brightness
    • A key lock screen
    • Added live advanced settings to replace
    • Supersu authorization
    • Screen assistant
    • Strong unloading
    • Power menu
    • Goggles
    • Application hides
    • Green guardian
    • CPU parameter settings, control of heat, manual control core
    • Go directly to the developer option
    • Time to stay in the cut
    • Desktop LIVE Toggle: Brightness / Lock Screen / Original / Advanced Settings
    • Self-opening management
    • Status bar advanced settings
    • Slide brightness adjustment
    • Shake set
    • Please click on the specific function
  • It is so simple, brush into the experience
  • Yellow box Cancel method: Turn off USB debugging