[GAPPS][4.4.x] OFFICIAL Up-to-Date PA-GOOGLE APPS (All ROM's) [2014-07-25]

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Hen Ry


[GAPPS][4.4.x] OFFICIAL Up-to-Date PA-GOOGLE APPS (All ROM's) [2014-07-25]
This package is recommended for most users of current generation devices (legacy device owners may want to use Mini or Micro Modular GApps due to the size of this package). It includes all the Google Apps that come standard on Nexus devices.
In this package you will find the Core Base¹, Google Gallery², Sun Beam Live Wallpaper, and the following Play Store applications:

Chrome Browser (replaces stock/AOSP Browser) | Cloud Print | Gmail | Google+ | Google Calendar (replaces stock/AOSP Calendar) | Google Camera (replaces stock/AOSP Camera) | Google Drive | Google Earth | Google Keep
Google Now Launcher (replaces stock/AOSP Launcher) | Google Text-to-Speech (replaces stock/AOSP Pico TTS) | Google Keyboard (replaces stock/AOSP Keyboard) | Google Play Books | Google Play Games | Google Play Newsstand | Google Play Music
Google Play Movies | Google Play services | Google Search | Google Wallet | Hangouts (replaces stock/AOSP SMS App) | Maps | Quickoffice | Sound Search for Google Play | Street View on Google Maps | TalkBack | YouTube
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