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  1. Temur, 23.10.2010 #1

    Temur Threadstarter Android-Experte

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  2. Temur, 04.11.2010 #2

    Temur Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Am 29.10.10 hat koudelka MIUI 10.29 (v0.6) auf modaco.com vorgestellt.

    [b]Only in Chinese for now (possible to flash language packs ontop as they get released)[/b]
    New updates from MIUI team, translated update list found here, http://android.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=318694&view=findpost&p=1457958 (thanks Pirania)
    No vibrate kernel by default (since it won the poll, you can still change to the vibrate version download below)
    Many thanks to n_i_x and MarkHUK on #MIUI @ freenode for their fast odex release and being awesome :)
    (change language button during setup guide seems to not work for me, but you can change to english locale using the locale app once getting past the setup)
    Added new demo video :)
    Was nicht funktioniert:
    • Camcorder (Videokamera/Video Aufnehmen)
    • Light sensor (oben rechts am Display)
    • Proximity sensor (An der oberen Seite, wo der Kopfhöreranschluss ist, die Lichter)

    Download MIUI 10.29 (v0.6)(auf Chinesisch)

    Youtube - MIUI 10.29 (v0.6) auf den Acer Liquid
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  3. Temur, 06.11.2010 #3

    Temur Threadstarter Android-Experte


    koudelka hat heute MIUI ROM 10.22 auf modaco.com vorgestellt.
    1. MIUI ROM 10.22 [WIPE]
    2. Englisch Upgrade [NO WIPE]

    Weiteres von koudelka :
    V0.5 (Based off MIUI 10.22)
    Only in Chinese for now (possible to flash language packs ontop as they get released)
    New updates from MIUI team, http://miui.com/thread-2390-1-1.html (although their hardware fixes are not for liquid)
    I have now included my own kernel (compiled from phh source)
    Added updated frequency/voltage table from Xian
    Enabled vibration for search, home, etc...
    Removed phh TS patch (sorry phh, but as you have said this is pretty much useless :P, I find it to give more problems just)
    This should fix the sensitivity(unresponsive) problem people have been having at the bottom of the screen
    (I will provide with and without vibration version of my kernel, and a update.zip for people who wants to run phh boot.img)
    Was nicht funktioniert:
    • Camcorder
    • Light sensor
    • Proximity sensor

    Link: Modaco-Thread
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