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[ROM] Novo 7 ELF - ICS 4.0.3 0302 Ainol - Offiziell

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Diskutiere [ROM] Novo 7 ELF - ICS 4.0.3 0302 Ainol - Offiziell im Root / Hacking / Modding für Ainol Novo 7 mit ARM-Prozessor im Bereich Ainol Novo mit ARM-Prozessor.


Offizielle Ainol Firmware vom 08.03.2012

Update List:
1, the Mail400 GPU driver updates, optimized for 2D, 3D performance
Andrews 4.0.3 features interface hardware acceleration, the desktop and window switch, operating and animation is more fluid
3, adding Andrews comes to browsers block rendering and acceleration, the page is fully loaded, drag the zoom smoother
4 optimized firmware Performance, the CPU, memory performance increased
5, network video html5/m3u8 new version of the network engine, support for potatoes and other site html5 Play (Youku originally supported)
6, Support the ts stream HTTP Web player
7, a comprehensive recovery support flash, pre-installed flash11.1 new version of the player
Camera program is updated to 4.0.3, support for Zoom in / out camera panorama mode support for 720P video capture, optimizing the camera, and video effect
Repair Ethernet settings under certain circumstances an error and can not appchina and other sites to download BUG
10, the repair several times to plug u disk or tf card (file system are exfat), will not recognize the phenomenon of u disk or card
11, the video player update, add Media Player status bar auto-hide function
12, repair open subtitles switch dialog directly point to "OK" button, there will be a progress bar can not be automatically hidden, and the return key in the screen and entities return key failure
13, fix the video playback of multiple audio tracks and multiple subtitles for standby wake up, it will call the default audio track and subtitle
14, to repair the file manager directly to TF card write operation can not BUG
15 preinstalled APK adjustment and integrated Google framework and Gmail, the e-market
16, to a certain extent to improve the application of low-intensity process of using heat and power consumption
17: standby power consumption is substantially reduced, screensavers, longer standby time


Novo 7 Elf 0302 Android 4.0.3

LiveSuitPack v1.09

Ainol Novo 7 Update Guide (PDF)

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