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  1. mikaole, 17.02.2012 #1

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    Hier etwas von Tabletroms :)

    Ready For Android 5.0?

    Although the vast majority of android devices haven’t received an official update to Ice Cream Sandwich, android 4.0, rumors are that Google is preparing to release Jelly Bean, it’s next version, in the 2nd quarter of 2012. Why would the company try to launch it so quickly? Supposedly, this is in response to the upcoming Microsoft Windows 8. Optimized for use on touch-screen tablets as well as desktops and laptops, Windows 8 is seen as a real alternative to android as an operating system. The new android 5.0 is said to be able to dual-boot on tablets and other devices alongside Windows 8, and even to be able to switch operating systems without having to shut down. Seeing as how ICS came out in November, and yet 3 months later most devices don’t have official updates, even if Jelly Bean comes out between April-June, likely no one will see it until towards the fall. One thing Google needs to address is the lag time time between releasing it’s new os, and actually seeing it appear on devices. The vast majority of the delay is due to manufacturers putting their own proprietary software into the new system. This takes too long to work out all the bugs, and meanwhile the only ones who get the upgraded android are the hackers. Some Chinese manufacturers have got the right idea, and released tablets with a very vanilla ICS, which have been available since December of 2011. It would be very annoying if Google releases Jelly Bean before most of us get ICS on our tablets or phones.
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