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  1. ar2mell, 18.03.2012 #1

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    Es gibt mal wieder eine neue Version von ICS.
    Die Leute von Virtuous haben eine erste Alpha-Version veröffentlicht.
    Hat diese schon jemand getestet?
    Nutze selbst gern die Affinity-Roms, da diese einfach sehr sehr gut laufen.

    hier der Link zum Virtuous-Team:
    Virtuous ROM: Virtuous Affinity 3.11.0 Alpha1

    wird sicher auch schon bald über den Apha-Status hinaus sein und wir können uns auf eine richtig schöne Version von ICS freuen.


    We are pleased to announce our first Alpha version of Virtuous Affinity running with ICS and Sense 3.6. It is based on the latest Runnymede leak from MinecraftZombi.es. Thanks to him for sharing the rom.

    Please consider this a preview of things that may come. This rom has not our normal standard and there is still a lot of stuff broken. So please keep this in mind before you flash it. We have also not included Inc 2 support hopefully we can release a patch soon to add support.

    With the new RUU releases in the last few days we have decided to focus are attention on them, Affinity may or may not receive future updates, we would like to update it to the final base as and when its get released by HTC. This will depend on how much time we have available with the other projects.

    Working stuff:
    Beats (thanks to lyapota)

    Broken stuff:
    Mic in some apps
    USB mount
    Softkey Backlight for some devices
    and some other stuff too
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