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  1. john.katzenbach, 22.04.2011 #1

    john.katzenbach Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Wie sieht es eigentlich mit dem recovery aus.muss man das erst flashen? Gibt es nur clockwork oder auch amonra?mit amonra kann man mehr machen!
  2. Rosasmunde, 23.04.2011 #2

    Rosasmunde Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    :confused:Recovery flashen..? :confused: mit amonra kann man mehr machen! :confused::confused::confused:

    anbei mal bsw. ROM FEATURES
    • ZTKC1 Base Rom - ANDROID 2.2.1
    • Overcome Kernel v2.1.4 Included (OC/UV-capable)
    • No Modem is included - due to a variety of personal preference I decided to leave that a la carte [​IMG]
    • Fully Deodexed
    • Fully Zipaligned
    • Rooted with busybox installed
    • Reboot/Recovery/Download options added to the power menu
    • Battery icon modified to a colorful circle with percentage
    • Smoked notification background
    • Gallery replaced with AOSP
    • Blur removed across system (i.e. behind power option menu) - significantly improves performance
    • Power Off confirmation disabled
    • GPS tweaks inspired by PlumbBob GPS fix for the Captivate by Rrryan2
    • Added AppWidgetPicker
    • Browser modified to allow for UAString modification - set default option to "Desktop"
    • CSC set to XEU
    • Ads Blocked
    • Updated Market to 2.3.6
    • Updated Maps to 5.3.1
    • Updated Flash Player to 10.2
    • Updated GMail to 2.3.4
    • Updated YouTube to 2.1.6
    • Updated SamsungApps
    • Updated Thinkfree Office Suite
    • Fixed Swype keyboard to show full screen
    • Removed Startup/Shutdown sounds
    • Cool boot animation
    • A2DP Bluetooth Connection Fix Integrated
    • WPA_Supplicant replaced to allow ad-hoc wifi connections
    • "Fugutweak" integrated (two system bin's from Gingerbread - helps with overall smoothness)
    • Locales from Euro rom merged with Asian rom
    • Support RFS/EXT2/EXT3/EXT4
    • OC/UV with these steps: 1.4ghz, 1.2ghz, 1ghz, 800mhz, 600mhz, 400mhz, 200mhz, 100mhz
    • Compiled using Codesourcery 2010.09: Faster and more battery efficient
    • Replaced kernel jhash2 with jhash3
    • Adjusted kernel HZ value to improve smoothness
    • Updated ext4 code in kernel from http://www2.kernel.org/pub/linux/ker.../ext4-patches/
    • Properly working Tiny RCU patch for better speed and efficiency
    • Patched lowmemorykiller for compatibility with Tiny RCU
    • Optimized compiler flags
    • Voodoo Sound v7 (courtesy of supercurio)
    • Voodoo Lagfix (courtesy of supercurio)
    • Overcome CwM Recovery v3.0.2.4 (Custom built Clockworkmod v3.0.2.4)
    • Simple I/O Scheduler added and set as Default
    • Kernel tweaks to VM and Scheduler for better performance
    • Built in CIFS/TUN/SlowWork support
    • Full support of internal/external SD cards in Recovery
    • RAM and Touchscreen Undervolting (courtesy Koxudaxi)
    • LED patched to work with LED Flashlight apps (courtesy Koxudaxi)
    • Read-ahead speed tweak applied to all file systems
  3. rolituba, 24.04.2011 #3

    rolituba Ehrenmitglied

    amon ra gibts fürs tab imho nicht ...