[Bootloader Bypass] Alpha Release - BL bypassed!

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Diskutiere [Bootloader Bypass] Alpha Release - BL bypassed! im Root / Hacking / Modding für Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 im Bereich Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Forum.


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yeah, baby! jetzt geht's ab...:thumbsup:

Quelle: XDA

Autor: Tremeree

Link:: [bootloader bypass guide and report thread][alfa release only!!!!][april 1rst] - xda-developers

Achtung!: wie im Titel vermerkt, handelt es sich um eine Alpha-Version, und ist nur für Testzwecke gedacht! Ihr könnt damit euer X10 bricken (zerstören) und ein Reflash per SEUS ist dann nicht mehr möglich!

Die Devs (Entwickler) werden sich ernsthaft mit diesem Bypass beschäftigen, alle anderen erfreuen sich einfach über die gute Nachricht, dass es in bälde auch für uns "Ottonormalverbraucher" einen großen Schritt geben wird.

"Z" (der Entwickler schlechthin) beschäftigt sich ab sofort damit, den neuesten Kernel auf unser Phone zu bringen, und somit Gingerbread möglich zu machen. Es gibt für diese Alpha auch keinerlei Support - somit macht es auch noch zusätzlich keinen Sinn, eine für Entwickler gedachte Version, auf ein "Ottonormalverbraucher" - Handy zu flashen!!!

Jeder ist für Schäden an seinem Gerät selbst verantwortlich!

LG Petarsson

tremeree schrieb:
Yes, the Bootloader have been successfully bypassed!!!!!!.

I know that, like me, a lot of people is goin to try this, so I believe it is a good idea to have a thread to give feedback, report bugs and post dev-related information without getting the the original thread SPAMMED,

Since future releases would be done through recognised devs, this thread would be ONLY FOR THE ALFA RELEASE MADE BY Z ON MARCH 31.

This is the original message from Z:


Ok, here we go. It wasn't the April Fool thingy

The bootloader has been bypassed using the kexec/miniloader method
We are able to boot custom kernels now!

I'll keep it short as I'm quite busy today... I haven't had much luck with disabling MPU nor resetting a MCPU - it failed no matter what I did. Same thing with porting shutdown procedures into miniloader. But when I found out that the custom kernel doesn't reboot on baseband 52, I switched to the .504 sources and restarted the work. Using the debugfs tips by Goroh, I realised some stuff I'd rather to keep in between the developers here... And then *poof* - the green USB led appeared and I knew I was getting there!

Anyway... this is the first release of the fully working custom kernel (flashable via xRecovery). I haven't had much time to work on it so it's kind of proof-of-concept. Tested for 48h without any problem (not even a reboot).



This is the alpha version of custom 2.6.29 kernel based on the SE sources. I do not plan to work on this release anymore - it is just for testing purpose. From today on I'll start to port SE stuff to the latest (GBread) kernel.


- removed 32 fps cap
- implemented netfilter (Droid wall, native USB/wifi tethering etc.)
- undervolted to 0.950mV to save battery
- don't remember what else I did, I bet something nasty
- super ugly boot logo!


- baseband .52 + the relevant kernel
- clean 2.1 ROM, compatibile with .52 baseband (e.g. .504)
- working xRecovery

Please note I am not responsible for any damage this software may cause to your device! Use it at your own risk!

There is absolutely no support for this alpha release!

Big thanks to (no particular order): Goroh_kun, Jerpelea, Bin4ry, Maxrfon, Biktor_gj and everybody else who contributed into X10 custom kernel development.

At first the relevant kernel patches/sources will be delivered to the recognised X10 developers. Later on everything will be released as it's obviously Open Sourced.

Please refrain from posting comments in this thread - it's for developers only. Spamming will only make our task harder to accomplish!



Please note that I'm not a dev, and neither me or Z would be responsible for what you do with your phone!!!

Report only feedback useful for the devs
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Very Nice! :D


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Voll geil


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Heißt das eigentlich dass wir mehr Farben aufs Display bekommen? Also 16 mio und die 384 RAM nutzen können?