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  1. quercus, 25.03.2012 #1

    quercus Threadstarter Gast

    Quelle: XDA

    DOOMKERNEL V6.1!!! (V6 + FULL TOUCH RECOVERY) (all credits to doom, i only compiled) i put doomlord's full touch recovery into v6 doomlord (for unlocked bootloader

    full touch means.. yes full touch...not just on screen buttons

    [ANDROID] Team UtterChaos CWM Based Full Touch Recovery (work in progress, test device: Xperia Play) - YouTube

    [ features ]

    1. Honeycomb themed FULL Touch interface
    2. swipe gesture support!!! - the hotspot for this is across full screen
      • swipe left to GO BACK/ Scroll UP
      • swipe right to Scroll Down
    3. paging support when there is too much text to be displayed on screen (e.g. when browsing folders)
    4. haptic feedback - when u touch screen the device will vibrate little bit
    5. shows current time (time when the recovery was entered/started)
    6. uses new Roboto FONT (from latest CWM repo)
    7. new "select update.zip menu": it will give u a new option - "show file details" - which will display the size (in bytes) and the MD5SUM of the selected file
    8. added prompt to display the "backup folder name" when user starts restoring a backup
    9. added a warning and option to abort backup if space on sdcard is < 150 MB
    10. current battery level/percentage displayed (based on amit.bagaria implementations for his CF-Root kernel for SGS-SL)
    11. removed Wipe cache partition from main menu (u can format /cache from "Mounts & Storage" menu)
    12. moved "Power Off" under "reboot options" menu
    13. changed text of most menus to fit the new honeycomb inspired design
    14. the Nandroid backups & restore now show/displays which files were used to restore/what the backup is called (folder name)
    15. added "advanced backup" menu (based on amit.bagaria implementations for his CF-Root kernel for SGS-SL)
      • now u can selectively choose which partitions to backup
      • its like a toggle
      • once u have finished choosing which partitions u want just click on "perform backup" and only those partitions will be backed up!!!
    16. when any update.zip is selected its complete file name will now be displayed (right at the top) before flashing begins
    17. along with most other features of my older modCWM recovery

    [ requirements ]

    2. new 2.3.3 GB firmware
    3. ROMs based on 2.3.3 SE firmware
    4. Flashtool

    it contains this recovery


    i'm too excited to write intro here

    file uploading

    this is full oc (and i have tested it to work)
    or mirror
    this is half oc version
    and mirror
    oh and finally the fs version
    and mirror

    please test!!!!

    update : all tested..all running nice [​IMG]

    use wifi modules from here
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