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  1. quercus, 29.03.2011 #1

    quercus Threadstarter Gast

    Quelle: XDA

    Autor: shvyue

    Link: 1% battery ONLY mod for Wolfbreak's CM 6.1.3 V053

    Personally I like WB's theme which comes with the ROM, simple and nice. However there's no way to change the battery icon to 1% except use CM settings. I tried to modified other ppl's framework-res.apk but got menu color problem, most of the current theme using black/dark menu but I like the white one.

    ONLY TESTED ON Wolfbreak's CM 6.1.3 V053

    So I compiled the framework-res.apk and changed the XML to display 1% battery icon in the status bar only, didn't touch anything else.

    Hope this could be kinda useful for some of you.

    I've uploaded 2 versions one with my own simple battery icon while another one using kevjef420's MattedBlues battery icon. I borrowed the charging icons from kevjef420's theme hope that's fine. You're happy to change to any battery icons you'd like.

    No HW LED issue with the work.


    Simple version:

    MattedBlues version (didn't test but should be ok):


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