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  1. quercus, 17.02.2012 #1

    quercus Threadstarter Gast

    Quelle: XDA

    Link: SONY ERICSSON walkman on x10

    Here is the Walkman for ur X10...

    (sollte für alle Roms geeignet sein)

    You need:

    1.Rooted x10
    2. root explorer
    ..................nothing else [​IMG]

    How to :

    1. download application from given link..

    2. open root explorer/any root file explorer and copy this link into the folder: system/app/

    3. mount drive as r/w

    4. set its permission to owner as read and write

    5. set permission of group and other as read

    6.exit root explorer/ your file explorer

    7. reboot ur phone

    8. done enjoy...[​IMG]

    1. search lyrics
    2. set sleep time
    3. shake to change songs
    4. search online and download it directly
    5. search song lyrics just click on the album arts
    6. stream and download songs
    7. display lyrics with songs

    user3187994_pic19954_1329448892.png user3187994_pic19955_1329448892.png

    user3187994_pic19956_1329448892.png user3187994_pic19957_1329448938.png

    user3187994_pic19958_1329448938.png user3187994_pic19959_1329448938.png

    user3187994_pic19960_1329448981.png user3187994_pic19961_1329448981.png
    statler gefällt das.
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