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  1. quercus, 30.03.2011 #1

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    Quelle: XDA


    Link: ARCify your X10 Official ARC Wallpapers|Theme|Launcher|Ringtones|Apps

    ARCify Your X10

    UPDATE: Planning to make this thread official by merging all the threads involving apps and themes from the ARC for X10 so forum won't be cluttered up keep this thread alive, also im looking for someone that can possibly ZIP up all of this so it can be flashable via XRECOVERY cheers

    As we all know, Xperia Arc has been announced and the only difference between that and our X10 is .2 inch bigger screen, bravia engine, and Exmor-R Camera sensor and HDMI out, other than that its the same thing [​IMG] as for us X10 users we are jealous of the new launcher, widgets, wallpapers etc. and well now its possible with great people that can port over all of that to work with our X10s, i made this thread to dedicate for all things ARC for the X10 and make it a one stop for everyone to ARCify their X10, this is my way of giving back to the community! [​IMG]

    Official Xperia Arc Wallpapers: http://www.mediafire.com/?6fyf1ey8kp9pmft

    Just a note to everyone Ringtones and Most of the notifications(only SOME are new but most are the same as X10 [​IMG])

    Official Arc Ringtones: http://www.mediafire.com/?o0t9pavt6oafuia

    Official Arc Notifications: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gpa37zyv1v1sja9

    Official Arc Alarm Ringtones: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?96mddqh4qhdhub4

    Requires Froyo 2.2 or higher to work(noted from myth999)

    Official Xperia Arc Home Launcher and Picture Widget, Clock Widget and more included(Thanks to Rabetionline)

    Noch mehr gibts beim klicken des Originalthreads (Quelle)



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    Petarsson gefällt das.
  2. Petarsson, 30.03.2011 #2

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    macht eigentlich keiner mehr themes für freeX10? momentan stehen sichs alle mächtig auf die diversen CMs, freeX10 bleibt hier aber seit einiger zeit außen vor, auch bei diesen arc-themes...oder überseh ich da etwas? :huh:

    die beta4 läuft ausgezeichnet und stabil bei mir und seit kurzem ja auch mit camcorder, will nichts anderes flashen...:sad:
  3. quercus, 30.03.2011 #3

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  4. Petarsson, 31.03.2011 #4

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    ja schon, aber keine hübschen...! LOL

    ja ja, war klar Herr Petarsson :laugh:
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