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  1. quercus, 06.10.2011 #1

    quercus Threadstarter Gast

    Quelle: XDA

    [PORT][MANY-IN-ONE]Music,Keyb,FB,Home,Gallery,TS,TM - apps from 2.3.4 for x10

    Voraussetzung ist eine völlig reine Original 2.3.3 ROM

    Die vom ARC portierten Apps funktionieren nur wenn ihr eine Original 2.3.3 Rom (via SEUS oder PCC) ohne irgendwelche Dateien von anderen ROMS am Handy habt - dafür, aber sehr gut!

    Wer schon Schwierigkeiten mit dem simplen flashen einer Custom-ROM hat - Finger weg, oder per PN melden, dann helfe ich gerne!


    BIG CREDITS to Blackwatch89, kantk20111, tyris, chriscx, vmcms, IncubusUA... all helping people


    If you installed any previouse applications from 2.3.4 use your backup to get not mixed rom.
    Please be sure your phone contain only x10 2.3.3 files!


    - music player, FB2 and Home
    - swipe keyboard, thanks to Blackwatch89
    - releated framework
    - dlna app
    - several widgets
    - timescape with widget and plugins
    - auto-brithness is now as a widget not in menu
    - data monitor
    - Gallery3D thx tyris
    - TrackID (I noticed only loading animation is new[​IMG])
    - Email (count notification in icon)
    - contacts storage (landscape possible when contact detail is showed) (i think old was the reason why FB contacts sometimes doubled)
    - setup wizard
    - theme manager (set only wallpaper)
    - ...

    Vor dem flashen ist ein eventueller Facebook Account zu entfernen!


    flash this:

    flashable zip HERE, only for not modified stock 2.3.3 ROM

    NOTE: If you were on v4 flash also original battery icon or battery icon in %.

    Thx vmcms. I used framework.jar and framework-res.apk from vmcms's thread in v4. I learn from the files.

    Nach dem flashen ist folgendes zu machen (XRecovery):

    - wipe cache
    - wipe delvik cache
    - widgets must be readded with the new Home

    - in case of trouble with FB:
    --- go on http://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=applications and remove all xperia releated aplications, the phone will ask for permition again - thx Zulea for try and confirm solution
    --- remove all facebook accounts from phone, reboot and add again

    - in case of trouble with contacts - FB contacts doubled - Make sure you dont use contacs in phone but with the google account. Then go to Setting/Apps/Manage apps/All and delete data for Contact Storage. This will remove all contact in your phone. Then reboot and let the phone to sync and download all contacts again.

    - in case of stuck at SE boot logo: reboot

    Port also works well on Wolfbreak v6. Read this and this.
    On WB v6 DLNA application FC - solution go into system/app and reinstall DLNA.
    If you have xlaud and bravia flash this.

    I used files from newest ROM 4.0.1.A.0.283 in the zip.


    New timescape and theme manager not worked yet.

    New versions will come slow, sorry. I dont have many time now and need to do other things. I started this instead of asking for that - because no one other did. I just wanted the new keybord on the begin... :) I dont have proper knowledges to provide real support. Im going to improve my knowledges in this craft, which is not "three days task". Sorry if i will not answear all posts. I will try my best as much as is in my possibilities. I just share this with no guarantee. Feel free to make it better and provide[​IMG] I did not expect so many downloads. It makes me feel responsible but im not sure if am able to meet the accountability. Will try my best[​IMG]

    This is what I do befor testing - get wiped and clean rom.
    I think the easiest way.

    oldfiles do not use:
    flashable zip BETA version 3 HERE, only for not modified stock 2.3.3 ROM
    update from v2 to v3 HERE, only for stock 2.3.3 ROM with v2
    flashable zip BETA version 2 HERE, only for not modified stock 2.3.3 ROM
    files from LT18i_2.3.4_Build_4.0.1.A.0.266
    This file contains:
    -x10i 2.3.3 stock system apps it will overide almost all stock aps!
    -x10i 2.3.3 stock framework except framework.jar and framework-res.apk....
    previouse fixes (only history, dont use)
    Fix 1
    Fix 2
    This is my system.img with v2.

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  2. debiba, 07.10.2011 #2

    debiba Android-Lexikon

    Hey ;)
    hab mal wd die Frage ob das auch mit zKernel geht, hatte mich das schon im xda-Thread gefragt, wenn du/ihr immer von einer reinen 2.3.3 Rom sprecht, kann ich dann trotz zKernel das auch flashen, also der Rest ist auch Stock 2.3.3 bei mir ;)

    Danke schonmal
  3. quercus, 07.10.2011 #3

    quercus Threadstarter Gast

    zuvor brauchst eben eine reine 2.3.3 - nachdem du alles geflasht hast und auch alles funktioniert, kannst du ohne weiteres den Z-Kernel installieren.
    debiba gefällt das.
  4. debiba, 07.10.2011 #4

    debiba Android-Lexikon

    Danke, dann lass ich es lieber ,)
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