[Update 29/05/2011] Android 3.0 für das Sony Xperia X10

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Quelle: Xperia X10 Blog

Link: Android Honeycomb SDK ported to Xperia X10

Android development on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is continuing at a healthy pace. Chumby_666 from xda-developers has ported the Android Honeycomb SDK, meant for tablets, to the Xperia X10.
It’s still at a pre-Alpha stage so at the time of writing only the basic things are working including Wi-Fi, GPS, the user interface, keys and memory card. A recently released hotfix also makes the touchscreen work too. However, as a proof of concept it’s great to see this on the X10 along with the fact that the handset is continuing to attract new devs. Check out some screenshots after the break.

Der derzeitige Stand: (Vorschau)

Sobald es aus der Alpha Version in eine brauchbare Beta geht - wird sie unter Custom-Roms gepostet!

[ROM][REL 05-20-2011] HoneyComb SDK Port "BaseLine" [UPDATE][Tablet Mode Fix]

So this is pre-Alpha of HoneyComb SDK port for X10 ...

Till now [ seen in that short gui mode ] working:
wifi [ needs right wpa_supplicant ]
touch screen
sdcard [ doesn't mount need correct vold binary ]
gsm [ should work after few lib replacements ]

Thanks to all ppl with good will and who ever helps in this project.
List is to long.. here some of them:

DooMLoRD, cobrato, khawkings, etc ...
Credits to SDK Manager, J ( hw libs / opengl libs )

So "Base_line" is latest rom upload.

As from logcat you can see:

GPS is working so for now no mod there
OpenGL has (BAD DISPLAY) (and few ARMA lines) becouse of that most apk's is crashing. So future fix
will be BS_OGL_v1 ... vN.
GSM works but fails becouse libstk.so. So future fix will be BS_GSM_v1 ... vN.

[ for n00bs ] OpenGL is 3D subsytem. ]
[ for n00bs ] GSM is is Phone subsystem in smartphone. ]

Folder will be reorganized once stable full worknig rom is done.

Link to HoneyComb - Base Line using this as base all future rom fixes will be made. - It reboots one time before run. No idea why.
Link to "future base band coctail" ... if it will be needed.

Tablet mode fix: DooMLoRD Tablet Mode Enable Fix apply fix and then reboot to see changes.

Bug report for all my applications.
My ROM: aZuZu ZiG-ZaG CM7 2.3.4 Port Alpha 0.1
aZuZu GUI APK Manager
aZuZu XA Small Kitchen

Movies are very educational. Example: I wouldn't never guess that shoot in head can kill zombie...

hc_test_3_lcd_120_addtohomescreenmode.jpg hc_test_3_lcd_120_app.jpg hc_test_3_lcd_120_homescreen.jpg hc_test_3_lcd_120_lock.jpg hc_test_3_lcd_120_multitasking.jpg hc_test_3_lcd_120_settings.jpg
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Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
das sind ja mal extrem geile news.
aber auf den screenshots siehts mehr nach gingerbread aus
werde sobalds aus der prealpha raus is auf jeden fall mal testen


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coole sache, aber wird 3.0 nicht noch für phones optimiert? wenn einfach die tablet-version portiert wird, dürfts doch einige probleme geben?

aber however, einen versuch ists wert! :thumbsup:


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Wie Lang noch.



@EDiablo - tja, sowas weiß nur der Ersteller der Custom-Rom - bald! :biggrin:


Hoffentlich sehr bald, sieht sau geil aus ;)

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