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    What exactly is happyROM?
    happyROM is a hybrid 2.1 Sense rom that is made from a mixture of Hero, Droid and sapphire/trout

    LETS GET HAPPY!! - Youtube videos of happyROM!
    Youtube video with PROOF of incoming call speed (Running on MT3G):
    YouTube - ‪happyRom 0.9 Beta Quick Pickup sample and rom info‬‏

    Thanks to khaosxiii for this video! happyROM 0.9 Beta running on the G1!
    YouTube - ‪happyROM 0.9 BETA‬‏


    Installation Instructions for Newbies!
    Don't get mad at me if you don't follow these!

    1.) Make sure your SD card is properly formatted. My personal recommendation:
    128Mb Swap
    512 Mb ext(2|3|4)
    2.) FULL WIPE!
    3.) Flash the Zip and restart your phone
    4.) THE happyROM LOGO IS NOT ANIMATED YET! IT IS NOT FROZEN, it just might take 3-15 minutes to load up the first time! Watch for the lockscreen. Once it appears, wait 2-3 minutes for the rom to settle. Skip through setup till you get to the Home screen "Loading..."
    - During and after setup, you may get a message "calendar storage is not responding" a few times - just hit "wait". This goes away once you set up your Gmail Account.
    5.) Wait for the Home Screen to load up, then give it a minute or 2. Open programs and hit your Market. Log into your Gmail here.
    6.) Wait till your email is downloaded - phone will be slow for about 30-45 seconds until Gmail is synced up. Done :)
    Once you give this thing a couple minutes to settle, its SUPER fuckin fast. :)
    I RECOMMEND setting transition and window animations to "Fast" in Spare Parts.

    DO NOT enable compcache in spare parts - it is enabled in this rom by DEFAULT and cannot be turned off.

    NOW - this thing should be fast enough all by itself with no additional mods (hard to believe, but I'm serious) or tweaks but it has so far only been tested on the MT3G, so G1 users or needy MT3G users, I've included SetCPU in here so you can max out your CPU if you want it to be even faster. I've also added spare parts if you want to speed up window animations and such.

    The first time you bring up the dialer it might be really slow, but after that it won't be anymore.

    - Death SPL - MAY work on other SPL's - It will probably work on Danger, too, but I won't guarantee that as I haven't had a chance to prove it (some danger users say it worked, some say it didn't... another different I'm trying to iron out)
    G1 & MT3G
    - ext partition (you can use ext2/ext3/ext4 - your choice, ext2 has been the least tested, but it HAS worked)
    - 96Mb Swap (128Mb Recommended!!!)

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