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  1. Technoolli, 03.07.2011 #1

    Technoolli Threadstarter Erfahrener Benutzer

    This rom would not be made possible without:
    Neopeek (Big thanks!)

    This ROM is for NATIVE android such as HTC G1, but I'm sure someone can port this [​IMG]
    Yes, I know, I still need to finish my 2.2.2 rom but I got distracted by this [​IMG]
    This is compiled from donut AOSP source again, and is pretty fast and has great battery life. There are a few things, however, you will have to take notice before installing

    -Don't wipe dalvik-cache via recovery menu (it might work properly at first but after a few downloads, downloads will fail/and/or market will crash)
    -If you want to play 3d Games, DO NOT install any kernel with 10 mb hack (so no 1.33.001d spl)

    This rom would not be made possible without:
    Neopeek (Big thanks!)
    Infinimint (and team!)
    Google Devs
    and others..

    -1.33.2005 recommended (1.33.2003 is also fine, its donut, so it has a small system partition)
    -SD Card partitioned into fat32/ext4/linuxswap (ext4 must be at least 528 mb, linuxswap not needed but just keep it there [​IMG])
    -Amon_RA Recovery or ClockModWork Recovery

    How to Install:
    -Make backup of /data or nandroid backup old rom
    -Download ROM from link on the bottom of the post
    -Delete the files "Android" and "data" and "LOSTDIR" on your sdcard (yes, it will cause system to crash if you don't)
    -Wipe with Superwipe V1 or V2
    -Flash base and rom Via Recovery
    -Flash Appropriate Kernel if not on DangerSPL or 32B Dream (if 32A or on 1.33.001d spl)
    -Flash Defanged Base and the AOSP rom

    -Camera with stock kernel (Will not work with +10mb ram hack kernel, you must install ezterry's modified 2708 kernel for donut if you want camera)
    -3D Graphics (with stock kernel)
    -Google Apps (In Defanged base)
    -Apps to ext4
    -Superuser.apk and su

    Further improvements to be made:
    -stamp out any bugs
    -maybe more modification
    -maybe add reboot function

    Bugs so far:
    -no 3d with 2708+ kernels because of the 10mb hack..
    -some apps might not work

    -Android stock launcher with 3 homescreens included, I will include adw.launcher if anyone wants next time
    -seperate google apps for legal reasons
    -You might want to turn on animations in spare parts app [​IMG]
    -has OpenGL ES 1.0-CM

    1) (must flash this first) http://www.multiupload.com/DRY2BJ5MIB
    2) (flash this second) http://www.multiupload.com/MJ3M7LWYIN

    Kernel Download: try to find one without ramhack..

    I don't know how much free ram it has, but I'm sure it has a lot [​IMG] It also has great battery life, what donut series is most famous for.

    For use with 2708 RADIO
    See this post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...3&postcount=43

    Again, if you did not completely read my entire OP, please remember:
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 10.07.2011

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