[Rom] JesterBlur v1.0.5 10-3-09 (Experimental)

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Hallo an alle,

hat jemand schon Erfahrungen mit dem Rom [Rom] JesterBlur v1.0.5 10-3-09 (Experimental) gemacht?

Siehe hier :[Rom] JesterBlur v1.0.5 10-3-09 (Experimental) - xda-developers

Shout outs to my Homie Drizzy Drake Rogers!
also to Cyanogen, JAC, Stericson, Twisted, Ccyrowski, Barak, AndroidSpin, @allroid_org, and the XDA community! you all Rock!

now... your going to need the following:
>3 partitions (Currently i have 48/512)
>Latest Radio
>Cyanogen's 1.4 recovery or higher
>Haykuro's SPL <-- otherwise you get Xbin error on flash
>Some Smarts

This requires a wipe...
alt-w - wipe
alt-x command prompt...
#mount -o rw /system/sd
#rm -rf /system/sd/*
#reboot recovery

alt-w wipe again
then alt-f repair ext filesystems
Flash! Good!

JesterBlur is based on Drizzy's Hero Superlite Rom
its not in themes because hero roms boot loop
when you apply the update to them.
Blur APK's from Drizzy
Hours of Image Manipulation
and a handful of "Custom" icons and splash screens by.. Me!

:updated all images in all APK's that i could
:Custom Made Tray Handles w/Floating Buttons (just for looks)
:Removed HTC Sync
:custom LockScreen w/ moto logo
:Custom In-Call Screen with Blur Look
:Added Blur Wallpapers
: Modified GMail status notification to have a RED "@" and white background
:Fixed FC on Wallpaper Gallery
:Fixed FC on People
:For the most part is great for everyday use, my testers say is pretty stable

:Works both in Portrait and Landscape perfectly When using keyboard
:Tested on G1 - Magic users report if it works, i don't have a mytouch myself.

:Updated HTC Sync with blur images
:Updated Mail with Blur Tray Icon
:Added Blur Animations! Yay!
:Added Quick Office
:Added Weather Widgets <--like my newest screenshot
:Led's Still dont work <-- this hero is different than the others so, will fix it soon!
:MT3G Users reporting that its working excelent! Thanks TeCH NiNJa,wicked_beav,solaresdonis & XxKOLOHExX keep us posted on MT3G status

will still work on getting led's working in future updates. again this is experimental but is stable for daily use!
May FC on initial boot, just 3 finger reboot and will startup in setup fine - will look into that


Scheint aber so, als hätte die Boardsoftware das durcheinander gebracht ...


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Richtig, die Boardsoftware hat mir jedesmal ein error angezeigt beim erstellen.

@K.P, wie du sicherlich nun merkst war es keine Absicht, deshalb mach dir vielleicht mal Gedanken um deine Wortwahl ;-))


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ja sorry war schlecht drauf!
war nicht böse gemeint!
scheint so als ob sich keiner für dieses thema interessiert!