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  1. alessio--cerci, 07.02.2012 #1

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    LinuXperia Revolution

    LinuXperia totally my Special installment.
    I'm alone.
    I have to say clearly that we sometimes have difficulty.
    I'm planning to make a rom named mintfroyo recently.
    I would like to thank all who support me brothers
    Also love the stock kernel. You have made me very happy.
    Someday, I believe that we shall be the best. Sincerely
    I LOVE PENGUINS I love xda I love Sony

    Why is the code name Revolution?
    Because the change has been made completely.
    System files were changed. Has adapted to the kernel.
    And performance is now much faster. Opengl is set up.
    3d and 2d increased performance. Do not overclock = antutu score = 3d = 498 = 421 2d ....
    Here is the. I tried very hard but it was.

    Request and send your suggestions to this addressanlamsiz1firtina@gmail.com

    why penguin edition ? = Because this is a completely original work. I'm trying on my own. This version is very stable.

    Fine entegre stock kernel



    Sony Arc Launcher
    Stabilize animation
    New System Animation
    Deleted: Boot sound
    Nemus Launcher
    Escha Tweak/initd. Updated
    Fİxed wifi
    Battary drain fix
    3d and 2d tweak
    penguin game
    penguin walpapers
    penguin telephone
    penguin contact
    penguin background
    new walkman
    Contact Editor
    Fixed Vibrate
    Fps Fixed
    deleted ubermusic
    system heap fix (99mb) antutu score no overclock (1650)
    deleted the unnecessary
    IcE cREam Clock
    Xperia Ray contact and phone
    Fix keyboard
    Deleted:alarm ALARM DROID DOWNLOAD
    Friendcast ( for facebook ) updated
    Batery: 2 days
    Modeules/ax8mt.ko,ax8_smartass.ko,dm-crypt.ko,dm-mod.ko,ext3.ko,ext4.ko,jbd.ko,jbd2.ko,sdio.ko,tiap _drv.ko,tiwlan_drv.ko,x8gesture.ko,x8mddi.ko,x8oc. ko,x8uv.ko
    Stock kernel

    Coming Soon mintfroyo :=)

    Adw Launcher
    Cm Stats

    How to install:
    1.Download the Escha Arch.
    2.Copy Escha Rom onto SdCard.
    3.Flash it
    5.Do not Full-Wipe.


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