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  1. Markus4283, 15.10.2011 #1

    Markus4283 Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    *** I don't have Captivate/I9000. This is test version for your device. ***
    *** Please report back. Developed on Samsung Vibrant. ***
    *** Did specific changes before porting this MOD. ***

    Ab zum XDA-Threat


    p r e s e n t s

    Blazing Fast - Super Optimized - New Theme & Layout - Conflict Fixes
    Freshly cooked on my Ubuntu 11.10

    Can be installed over any MIUI stock/custom ROM versions. Preferable to install over fresh and latest stock MIUI.

    Click Here For Individual Detailed Screenshots

    Read this post COMPLETELY before asking any questions or before jumping to Download Link.

    Why this MOD?
    This MOD will eliminate reason to run behind different Custom ROMs. EnhancerMOD CAN be installed on any ROM version any custom/stock MIUI ROM.
    It provides best features that any Custom MIUI ROM can provide. It hacks your system and build properties to give you best out of your smartphone.
    It has pre-configured memory management via pre-installed apps and scripts. GPS has been fixed. Essential apps and addons included and listed below.


    • No need to manually add widgets on the screen
    • All apps placed in categorized folders
    • Can be installed on any MIUI version for Vibrant
    • Wallpapers from Sidekick 4G
    • Pre-installed lots of essential apps and widgets
    • Apps & Widgets can be uninstalled without hassle
    • More than 95% of Ads blocked
    • Bloats removed: MIUI Cloud Service, MiTalk, Different forum apps
    • Apps which are not required with this mod are removed by scripting while flashing
    • Picture Quality Set to 100%
    • No Call Delay
    • DivX Support
    • Video Acceleration Enabled
    • Color Multipliers already configured for best display. Can be changed via Voodoo Control

    Memory Management:
    • VM Heap Size = 32 (Neither too large nor too small)
    • RAM Booster Script
    • Zip Aligning on boot
    • Loopy Smoothness Tweak for smoother response
    • Automatic Apps Killing with toast notifications on screen lock/unlock to boost RAM

    Battery Management:
    • Included Juice Defender - Set CPU Frequency & Kernel Governor Here
    • Recommended 1000 MAX 100 MIN 400 IDLE
    • Do charging cycles as many as possible
    • Automatic Cache Cleaning

    Lock Screens:
    • 6 Icons Right Dock (Default)
    • MiUiGo 360
    • Samsung Galaxy S Puzzle 360
    • HTC Sense 360
    • SideKick 360
    • TypoClock 360
    • White Zangetsu 360

    Default Theme:

    • Custom Boot Animation
    • Configured Live Wallpaper
    • Themed Apps
    • Battery will appear as top bar

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google Maps
    • HTC SenseFlip Clock
    • TypoClock
    • Google Search
    • Pure News
    • Glass Widgets: News, Clock, Weather
    • Google Reader
    • World Clock
    • Widgets of pre-installed Apps

    GPS Enhancements:
    • AngryGPS - Please run on first use of GPS
    • Google Maps with Navigation and Lattitude (Added in v3.0)
    • FasterFix - Fix for regional GPS configuration
    • Car Home
    • GPS Test
    • Google Places

    System Apps for Enhancement:
    • JuiceDefender - Ultimate Battery Defender. Do configure as per your need. Don't set idle frequency below 400MHz
    • Auto Cache Cleaner
    • Auto Killer
    • Quadrant Standard
    • Spare Parts+
    • TouchScreen Booster - More response from your screen. Pre-configured.
    • Android System Info
    • CPU Spy
    • Battery Calibrator
    • Voodoo Control

    Other Apps:
    • Youtube
    • Pandora
    • Google Videos
    • News and Weather
    • Google Docs
    • Google Reader
    • Facebook and Twitter
    • Root Explorer


    1. You must be on MIUI Rom And open superuser in Tools > Settings > Allow applications to request ROOT permission (ON)
    2. Keep your data connection (wifi preferably) ON.
    3. Reboot in Recovery
    4. Goto MOUNTS & STORAGE
    5. MOUNT - System, Datadata, SDCARD and DATA <== MOUNT THEM.. do NOT Format them.
    6. Go Back
    7. Choose & Flash file downloaded.
    8. Advanced => Fix Permissions
    9. Reboot
    11. Do not add any account, press Home Key, Grant root permissions if asked. Keep your data connection ON.
    12. Reboot.
    13. Let it settle for next 5 minutes.
    14. Add your accounts.
    15. Enjoy.

    Post-install recommendations:
    • No Launcher Settings required to be changed in v3.0
    • If any app gets updated internally or via market it placed itself on last homescreen, do place it back in respective folder.
    • Juice Defender Configured. If you cannot see it running in notification bar, open it and set CPU 100-400-1000 and OnDemand Governor.
    • Grab yourself latest EXTENDED SETTINGS for centered clock in status bar. Looks cool!
    • Give reboot whenever feel lag. Also do remove widgets which you don't use.

    Special Thanks:
    • 360 Productions Team for encouragement and technical support throughout development of this Mod.
    • Our Facebook Group Members for constant discussion over new findings and their great support.
    • Nick Mcminn, Alex Veron, Chris Alesandrini, Thomas Harrell, John Caputo, Scott Perala and Tanner Summers

    Hit THANKS and leave comments/feedbacks/requests/queries.

    (Read installation method and post-installation recommendations)

    Preferable to flash over Stock MIUI after reboot. Existing apps except for bloats won't be affected.
    Hope you read & follow INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS carefully, else you won't have this MOD installed fully.

    Don't forget to read post-installation instructions to tune your phone to max performance.


    1. Graphic Enhancement using CF3D.(Drivers already provided with Mod)
    2. LG Keyboard Flashable ZIP by jukyO (lite)
    3. LG Keyboard Flashable ZIP by jukyO (Prediction + multi lang)
    4. 1.7.22 MIUI Compass
    5. LG Optimus Weather App for MIUI
    6. MULTI LANGUAGE Gingerbread Keyboard
    7. Honeycomb Android 3.0 Music Player
    8. Camera Pudding by KT Hitel
  2. raXoN, 15.10.2011 #2

    raXoN Erfahrener Benutzer

    Damit is nicht die Cameraqualität gemeint?
  3. Markus4283, 15.10.2011 #3

    Markus4283 Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    raXoN gefällt das.

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