Pocket City - Bau dir deine Stadt

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Diskutiere Pocket City - Bau dir deine Stadt im Spiele im Bereich Android Apps und Spiele.


Pocket City ist eine klassisches Aufbauspiel wie Sim City oder Anno, verzichtet aber komplett auf In-App-Käufe und weitere Kosten. :smile:

Pocket City is an upcoming mobile city building game for iOS and Android. There are no microtransactions - all unlockable items are earned through gameplay only.

Pocket City will be a paid app on the iOS App store. On Android, it will be a paid app with an alternate, limited free version. The free version will contain reward ad videos (which the player can watch for a small amount of cash boost every few minutes). The paid version is ad-free and includes a sandbox mode, where everything is unlocked.

Pocket City - A mobile city building game (iOS, Android).
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