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  1. GNEXUS, 03.06.2012 #1

    GNEXUS Threadstarter Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    I have optimizied this beautiful and super smooth launcher for our galaxy nexus. this was necessary due to layout problems caused by the on screen buttons. The launcher was originally ported by Impact7

    i have added the very nice weather widget/app and the lg notes app. Simplay flash the zip with cwm.


    - based on stock ics launcher
    - Folders in App-Drawer and Homescreens
    - Creating folders like on stock ics
    - LG Icons can be used (using own icons from gallery doesn't work yet)
    - Calendar App Icon allways showing the right date
    - Weather Widget in 2 sizes
    - extremely smooth scrolling

    Download at mrmad.net

    original thread
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  2. Lion13, 03.06.2012 #2

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