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  1. scimitar, 12.12.2011 #1

    scimitar Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Wer schon immer statt der Suchleiste lieber ein freies Feld mehr haben wollte, sollte mal hier reinschauen. Alle Credits gehen an djmcnz :

    [MOD] Stock Launcher | No Search Bar | 4x5 Portrait Grid | More Bacon Added! - xda-developers

    Version 2.0 + 3.0 Available

    Here is a version of the stock ICS/GN launcher modded to remove the search bar and reclaim that space in portrait mode by providing a 4x5 grid. Landscape mode is available but no changes are made to that view.
    • v3.0 - 16/12/11: Smaller horizontal margin versions added
    • v2.0 - 11/12/11: No landscape version added
    • v2.0 - 11/12/11: 3 home screen version added
    • v2.0 - 11/12/11: Vertical workspace margins fixed
    • v1.0 - 10/12/11: Initial release

    • Google search bar removed from home screen
    • Search still works as expected
    • Choose 3, 4 or 5 home screens!
    • Great with Paul's search button mod available here
    • 4x5 grid enabled in portrait mode to reclaim the search bar space
    • Vertical grid height reduced slightly to accommodate 5 rows
    • Landscape remains 4x4 (4x5 doesn't fit without scaling) so bottom row is chopped off (gracefully)
    Version 2 Screenshots:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Version 3 (Smaller Left/Right Margin) Screenshots:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    1. Works on most ICS roms (you may experience problems with smaller resolution screens)
    2. Install an alternative launcher first so you have options if this does not work!
    3. Boot to CWM recovery and make a backup
    4. Select one zip file from this list:
    5. Flash the selected zip in recovery
    6. Hit thanks below if it works out for you and please provide feedback
    I thought I might as well share my personal version of this launcher mod. This version: Launcher2CrazyModv3.apk has only one portrait home screen (#0) and two landscape home screens (#0 and #1). It might seem a bit odd but it's the way I like it... [​IMG]. Either push to /system/app/ or replace Launcher2.apk in the above .zip with this file after renaming it.​
    Note #1
    I quite like the landscape behavior of my mod and do not intend to make many changes to it like a bigger grid, please don't be disappointed if that's what you were looking for.​
    My mod is just a manipulation of the stock launcher, nothing more, nothing less. For those of you looking for an alternative ICS launcher based on the stock one but with more options check out one of the projects below. Both of these have scope and reach well beyond my mod and I have no intention of matching their features.

    Trebuchet (cool name for a launcher!)
    Being developed by nebkat for CM9. You can get a copy of that launcher from here.

    Nova Launcher
    Being deleloped by the creator of the awesome WidgetLocker is another alternative based on the stock ICS launcher and that's available from here.​
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    Angosa und MultiCulti gefällt das.

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