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[2.1 Theme] Suave Green (Beta)

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Diskutiere [2.1 Theme] Suave Green (Beta) im Themes für Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 im Bereich Root / Hacking / Modding für Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.


Quelle: [Theme] -2.1.A.0.435- 'Suave Green' (Beta)

Autor: AyDee

In diesem Thread kann über das Theme diskutiert werden... oder User die Probleme haben können auch Fragen stellen... evtl. findet sich jemand der ähnliche Probleme hatte und diese Lösen konnte. Dennoch weise ich darauf hin das das hier nicht der offizielle Support Thread ist.

AyDee schrieb:
Ok, I'm finally posting a beta of my 1st theme. I have lots of time constraints so release/updates may be slower than others, but hopefully worth it. Also won't be doing any other version than 2.1.A.0.435 for now for the same reason, but I may if this goes over pretty well.

Bootscreen & Analog Click Widget

Wallpaper (will add to a 'pack' & delete image when there's more)

I have redone most of the animated .png's "from scratch" in Photoshop, including the 120+ battery icons, the spinners, "Connecting" call icon, downloads, etc. as well as a LOT of the static icons and .9.png's. So these icons will be unique to this theme unless someone likes them and ports them to another (feel free themers, but please give credit!). Bootscreen is from the interweb (sorry, I forget) & is not the ideal resolution but really "matches"...
Feel free to add suggestions or let me know what I missed or what you'd like to see.:D

Done: (aside from tweaks & missed bits)
-framework.jar & android.policy.jar (w/reboot option and 100-step % battery- Thanks, MrRusch!)
-analog clock widget available (see attachment, installable apk)
-font available (see attachment, zip for xrecovery)
Working on:
-more framework-res fixes
-default wallpapers
-digital clock widget
Not right now:
-2.2+/CM port

(Custom .zip for xrecovery)
>>Dropbox Mirror<<

Update for 0.1 (mediascape & FriendPivot)
>>Dropbox Mirror<<

*Next update will add to framework-res so I will consolidate to 1 download link then.*

>>>>>Dock is from this pack from here. Clock is mClock
Font is Storopia, and is attached to this post as an installable zip for xrecovery.

(As usual, BACK UP EVERYTHING & use at your own risk- I'm not responsible if you kill your phone or burn your pizza...)


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