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[THEME]ICS theme mod v2 for *Feralab 7.2* 18/02/2012

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Diskutiere [THEME]ICS theme mod v2 for *Feralab 7.2* 18/02/2012 im Themes für Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 im Bereich Root / Hacking / Modding für Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.


Quelle: XDA

[THEME]ICS theme mod v2 for *Feralab 7.2* This theme is modified update for ICS theme for Ferlab v7.2

It includes:
1) some edited png's for status bar icons at present.
theme will be updated but going into editing xml's is time consuming so can take some time as my exams are near.
2) some icons might be not perfect. will fix in next update.

1) ferlab v7.2
2) ICS theme flashed from his thread


1) Flash this zip in xrecovery.


screen_20120217_1605.jpg screen_20120217_1606.jpg


NOTE: I havent tested this in CWM so please tell me if it works.
Also i dont use data or 3G so havent tested their icons as of now,
so people report back about them :p


-changed the notification bar to look like ICS.
-changed trasparent status bar to solid.
-I cant change nofication divider and date font color.Can any1 help?

-edited icons

Feravolt-for his absolutely fantastic rom
doomloard-for his great kernel
donjamal-for replying to my noob ques.

and every other people i have forgot
My modded ICS theme for feralab v7.2

Feralab v7.2 blue battery circle mod