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  1. b-ice, 12.10.2010 #1

    b-ice Threadstarter Junior Mitglied

  2. McGaga, 13.10.2010 #2

    McGaga Neuer Benutzer

    Hab es seit Samstag drauf, bin bis jetzt sehr zufrieden damit!
    Zuvor hatte ich die schwedische Version geflasht, die mit 691MHz, das war höllisch flott!

    Werde ende der Woche berichten, wie es im Alttag läuft!

    UPDATE 16.10.

    Rennt nun seit einer Woche auf meinem 845

    Akku hält ca. 3,5 Tage (telefoniert ca. 30Min. / SMS ca. 20 / online WLAN/UMTS ca. 30Min.)

    Sync läuft in beide Richtungen (Google > Handy und umgekehrt)
    RoadSync dito

    Navi mit NDrive klappt ebenfalls

    launcher der im Rom eingebaut ist, hab ich durch launcher pro ersetzt

    Taskmanager zeigt max. 98MB Free Mem an

    A2SD läuft problemlos und 32MB swap sind ebenfalls am Start

    keine reboots oä.

    Denke das Teil bleibt drauf

    Anbei ein paar Bildchen
    Beschreibung des Roms:
    A ROM for made for and tested on Huawei U8100 Expert Sweden but should work fine on most, if not all, U8110 (T-mobile phones needs a small update (attached)) and U8120 phones as well.
    EDIT: Confirmed working on U8120 (Vodafone 845)

    This ROM was previously known and developed under a different name in the Swedroid forums and the Modaco forums

    (btw, can we PLEASE get at least a generic Huawei forum at xda-developers?)

    - 2.6.29 based on kernel source released by T-mobile UK for the pulse mini.
    - Slightly modified to work on non T-mobile Android builds.
    - Added overclocking based on HTC Hero code by phhusson. Default install is NOT overclocked. Add overclocked kernel with update.
    - Added swap support.
    - Added compcache 0.6.2 swap free notify patch.
    - Added LZO support (needed by compcache)
    - Added EXT3 support (for better A2SD)
    - Removed unused stuff, like PS2 mouse drivers, non-used touchscreen drivers and NFS support. The result is a smaller, but more useful kernel than before.

    - Android 2.1 based on the official U8100 Expert Sweden ROM
    - Rooted with latest Superuser Permissions
    - Fully odexed (system apps will not use dalvik-cache = more space on /data)
    - Removed Launcher2
    - Removed MyWeather widget.
    - Removed TouchPal and AndroidKeyboard
    - Removed ServoSearch
    - Hacked a way around the "cust" system making Wifi work on other phones than just expert/se phones.
    - Moved autorun.iso to /system freeing up 25Mb for apps on /data
    - Added Darktremor A2SD + swappiness bug fix.
    - Compiled and added compcache kernel module + script to enable/disable compcache.
    - No JIT by default but can be added with update.
    - Hacked Vending.apk (Market) version 2006 that will greatly increase the number of available apps by faking HVGA (320x480).
    - Fakes autofocus and more for more apps in the market
    - Updated to latest Google Maps
    - Updated to latest Google StreetView
    - Added Launcher Pro
    - Added Home Switcher
    - Added the last flip-clock versionen of Weather widgets (yr.no).
    - Added Googles News & Weather app/widget.
    - Added HTC_IME & an AndroidKeyboard with Voice input support (also adds VoiceSearch).
    - Added busybox with symlinks
    - Added nano (texteditor)
    - Added bash
    - Replaced bootanimationen with a Nexus animation I resized for QVGA for another project.
    - Replaced RoadSync with the offical upgrade you are allowed to download.
    - Adjusted wallpapers in the original launcher to correct sizes and ascpect ratio for a QVGA device. May make them look a bit weird in the original launcher.


    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 19.10.2010

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