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  1. Biu, 17.11.2011 #1

    Biu Threadstarter Mitglied


    - Based on Official V20l

    - HorsePower 2x eXtreme SR2 + Performance Pack Ramdisk v6 (EXT4): (Thanks to spica1234)
    EXT4 Filesystem
    Overclock/Undevolt upto 1400MHz with Pimp My CPU 2.8 (Preinstalled)
    Mega-smooth UI Fluidity/smoothness and higher benchmarks
    Efficient multi-tasking
    Fixed group scheduler"s cpu memory leak, no need to restart phone every 100 hours
    RAM Tweaks
    Battery Consumption Tweaks
    "Anticipatory" I/O scheduler
    Touchscreen Tweak
    Voodoo Sound (For other features check HorsePower 2x eXtreme Kernel Thread)

    - Optimized for v20l Baseband 0725

    MD5: 7FFEA57F5EBC1072C21ABB79BB58870E

    - Added various Init.d script including optimized "999SwitchLite" by spica1234

    - LG Launcher
    - ADS Filter
    - Optimized Gps.conf
    - New Framework with CRT Animation
    - Galaxy Nexus Bootanimation
    - Veggie Burger Med Font
    - Removed Unnecessary Apps
    - Pre-installed Useful Apps:
    New Market 3.3.11
    Flash Player
    Facebook 1.7.2
    Twitter 2.1.2
    Astro 3.0-218
    AppWidgetPicker 1.2.3
    Google Music 4.0.1
    LG O2X Reboot 1.4
    Battery Calibration 1.2
    QRDroid 4.1
    Busybox 1.19.3
    Superuser 3.0.6 + su 3.0.3
    Spare Parts


    Updated Kernel and Performance Pack to version SR2 + v6 (Improved Smoothness and Stability)
    Faster boot
    Merged with GR5 (+20MB Ram, and other)
    Fixed various bugs
    Removed music player in the statusbar
    Added CRT animation
    CyanogenAPN List
    Other minor fixes
    v4.1: Fixed all known bug
    Added optimized Ramdisk
    Updated various app
    v4.0: Initial Gingerbread Release.

    Download hier: [151111] [ROM] Thanatos2X v4.2 EXT4 - Based on Official V20l. - xda-developers

    In Verbindung mit "HorsePower 2x eXtreme RC9" Kernel ist es das beste ROM was ich bis jetzt getestet habe.
    Den Kernel gibt es hier: [RC9]/[Stable][SR2][KERNEL][GPL] HorsePower 2x eXtreme 24BPP for stock MCR FROYO/GB - xda-developers

    - Sehr stabil
    - Sehr schnell
    - Akku verbraucht sehr gering
    - GPS-Fix in Sekunden

    Mein Pimp My CPU sollte man aber auf 4.2 updaten. Dann funktionieren auch die Screen Off Settings...
    Downlaod von "Pimp My Cpu 4.2" hier: [APP] 15 Nov. 2011 : Pimp My Cpu 4.2 (OC/UV kernel control tool) - xda-developers


  2. fighterchris, 29.11.2011 #2

    fighterchris Ehrenmitglied

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