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    Endlich mal eine Arbeitserleichterung - der Bootmanager für alle Kernels und Mods.

    Nur für fortgeschrittene und interessierte User die den Bootloader bereits "unlocked" haben!

    This is a Boot Manager for Xperia X10 based on ClockworkMod recovery source.


    [ features ]

    1. Stock X10 GB Kernel - so as to maintain compatibility with splboot, i.e. older bootloader bypass kernels
    2. adb is active in BootManager and sdcard is automounted at /sdcard
    3. AutoRooting - will install the newest Superuser 3.0 binary and app. If ur device is already rooted u can just use this file to install newest SU 3.0
    4. Busybox v1.19.1-cm71 - newest busybox integrated in kernel ramdisk
    5. Multiple recoveries - xRecovery-0.3GBready + CWM4 + CWM5!!! enjoy whichever recovery suits ur needs [​IMG]
    6. Kernel Management - ability to boot into which ever kernel u want! (using older bootloader bypass methods), provided that u use the kernel packages provided here [ MORE INFO HERE ]
    7. Keypress based entry - based on the keypress u can select which recovery u want to boot into [ MORE INFO HERE ]


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