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  1. wasabi8912, 05.01.2012 #1

    wasabi8912 Threadstarter Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    not work:

    3G, bluetooth, camera, hardware accelerated video, GPS, HDMI, and many things which you expect to work

    accelerometer, audio, gapps, internal NAND flash, SD card, touchscreen with calibration app, USB host/device, wlan

    How to install ClockworkMod Recovery 5

    1. make backup of stock recovery
    2. download recovery.zip and put it as update.zip on root of SD card (e.g. /sdcard/update.zip) *1 *2
    3. install update.zip from stock recovery *3
    clockworkmod will be booted on next reboot recovery.
    how to operate: MENU/VOL- = next(down), SEARCH/VOL+ prev(up), HOME/POWER = select, BACK = back
    *1 if recovery is 3e, you can put it with any name on any directory in SD card
    *2 some tablets/roms mount internal storage as /sdcard. confirm update.zip exists on root of SD card.
    *3 some tablets/roms have system update function in Settings to install update.zip
    How to install CyanogenMod 7

    1. install ClockworkMod Recovery 5
    2. reboot recovery
    3. make backup of stock ROM
    4. wipe data/factory reset *4
    5. install cyanogen.zip
    6. reboot
    7. touchscreen calibration *4 *5
    *4 only if you are upgrading from non-CM7 ROM (CM7 1st install)
    *5 only if you are using resistive touchscreen or misaligned capacitive touchscreen. if calibration is not needed, press BACK to cancel calibration.

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  2. norbert, 05.01.2012 #2

    norbert Ehrenmitglied

    Ganz ehrlich, du hast hier scheinbar etwas wahllos Informationen aus dem Thread kopiert. Das ergibt so keinen Sinn, schon gar nicht wenn man den Thread bei XDA nicht quer liest :huh:

    Am wichtigsten:
  3. weilian, 06.01.2012 #3

    weilian Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Meine meinung auch. Ich mache den forum auf und denke "wow eine C7 fur Cat..." ist blodsin einfach was aus XDA zu kopieren. Man sollte erst lesen und DENKEN wenn man was im forum posted bzw Copy paste.

    In short, don't get peoples hopes up if it is not rock solid.

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