1. centralbytes, 17.04.2012 #1

    centralbytes Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    I'd like to introduce my new game - Forgotten Tales.
    The game offers many hours of classic RPG gameplay, exciting story, tons of diversified locations, monsters and quests.
    Get lost in arid deserts, endless forests, dark dungeons, explore snowy wastelands.
    Gather team of adventurers and fight against knights, archers, trolls, orcs, dragons, skeletons and many other enemies.
    Explore a vast heroic fantasy world. Become a legend yourself.
    Travel the world of Forgotten Tales to meet new friends, find treasure, and encounter monsters!
    Use a variety of weapons to take out enemies in this real time RPG.


    If you have any ideas what can be improved in this game feel free to let me know and I will try to improve the game.
    Thank you

    You can download game from Android Market
  2. Rashiel, 18.04.2012 #2

    Rashiel Gast

    Looks very good :)
    Will try that..

    @Forum: Schon jemand getestet? Wie isses?
  3. momi, 18.04.2012 #3

    momi Neuer Benutzer

    Ich hab es mal vorhin in ner nicht so spannende Vorlesung angetestet und finde es echt gut. Die Grafik ist nicht so der Hammer, aber darum soll es bei dem Spiel ja nicht gehen. Ich war über 30 Minuten abgelenkt ,so dass ich von der Vorlesung nichts mitbekommen habe. Also auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen!
  4. centralbytes, 01.06.2012 #4

    centralbytes Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    Check out new features of Forgotten Tales:

    * mage, magic and spells
    * detailed units informations
    * units movement improvements
    * new areas
    * new enemies
    * new quests
    * new items, armors and weapons
    * UI and gfx improvements
    * world map
    * chests



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