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  1. Multisaft7, 12.01.2012 #1

    Multisaft7 Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Hallo Leute,

    Hier ein Poker Game um mit Freunden zu zocken, z.B.: auf der Arbeit oder in der Schule / Uni ;)


    XDA -Thread:

    [GAME][2.2+] Poker Table - xda-developers

    The game is completely for free and not ad-supported. Here is the market text:

    Play poker anytime and anywhere you want with Poker Table. Simply use one dedicated device as the table and connect with your other devices for a smooth and polished game experience.

    - Up to 6 players per table
    - No-Limit Texas Hold’em
    - Flashy animations
    - Easy to set up a game: Join by scanning a QR-Code or use Android Beam™
    - Reconnect to the table during the game


    Market - Link:


    Viel Spaß ;)


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