1. gufastian, 03.05.2009 #1

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    Hi all Guys,

    Sorry for the English. I'm here to spread the voice for this app:

    Androidiani: Android paid apps now available worldwide with MarketEnabler and Androidiani.com | android, android market

    the originale article is here (Italian): Androidiani: Applicazioni a Pagamento anche in Italia con MarketEnabler | android market, market, t-mobile, tim, vodafone

    With this app you'll be able to see and buy the Android Market apps, outsite UK an USA.

    For more information look at the TIM's blog: strazzere.com Blog Archive Purchase applications outside of the “authorized” zones

    Have a nice evening ;)

    p.s.: Sorry for the spam, but there's no "contact button" or email :(