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  1. happysailing, 08.03.2012 #1

    happysailing Threadstarter Junior Mitglied


    Habe soeben den Download für ICS 4.04 entdeckt.

    Bin schon am Runterladen.

    Ging ja wirklich fix.




    Neue Funktionen (change log)

    Version 4.0.4 - March 8th, 2012

    • Initial Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 firmware release
    • MediaCenter Video: support for MKV3D on TV with automatic switch to best 3D mode
    • MediaCenter Video: allow to disable system notifications in video player
    • MediaCenter Video: collection of VOB files from DVD are now gathered into a single movie item
    • MediaCenter Music: integrate Music control panel in Lock Screen
    • MediaCenter info dialog: allow to edit the name used for performing the Movie and TVShow online search
    • File Manager: display a notification when file copy continues in background
    • File Manager: improved drag and drop support
    • File Manager: new option to prevent indexing of some storage/sdcard folders by multimedia library
    • Applications: more robust video conferencing support (Google talk, Skype etc.)
    • USB file transfer: a samba server is now activated on the tablet when using USB network tethering for easier file transfer on non Windows based hosts
    • Archos widgets: new USB network tether widget
    • External Keyboard: french layout has been expanded to handle AtlGr keys for special symbols
    • Accessories: Xbox gamepad support
  2. dazw, 08.03.2012 #2

    dazw Android-Guru

    happysailing bedankt sich.
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