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    We are looking for a developer to build a custom app/ROM for a specific installation purpose.


    The app should start on power-up, playback a video full-screen on repeat until loss of AC Power is detected, then power the headset down.
    No GUI elements should be visible.

    • No playback controls (seek bar, play/pause buttons/volume control etc.)
    • No notification bar
    • If possible, no screen flicker at video repeat

    If necessary, the ROM should be customized in order to eliminate any possible interruptions during service.

    • no lockscreen
    • no screen dim/sleep
    • no PIN request
    • no user interactions
    • no scheduled events
    • the ROM should boot up to OS directly when power is applied, instead of going to charge mode

    The phone will be off the cellular grid and wireless networks at all times.
    The currently planned headset to be used is the HTC Desire HD. There are no requirements to OS version / ROM from our side, so long as it’s stable.

    Please PM me with your offers or write via email, and we can discuss terms and payment.

    With Kindest Regards,

    Stefan Kachaunov
    Checkpointmedia Multimediaproduktionen AG
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