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    Die Music App von Android 3.0 für Fans :winki:

    Quelle: XDA

    Author: Google

    Link: Android 3.0 Music App

    [​IMG] Android 3.0 Honeycomb Music App for 2.2
    Hey all I thought I would share the latest and greatest port which is free of the Android 3.0 Music App this app is a beautiful new version of the music app that is 2.2 only

    Works amazing with Z's custom Froyo 2.2 ROM

    Turn the phone sideways and it fans out similar to the famous Gallery 3D

    Attached Files[​IMG]com.google.android.music-1.apk (3.08 MB, 1446 views)


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    Kannste die App bitte mal ohne Link von xda anbieten? Hab da kein Account, kann das nicht unterladen. Mediafire oder so.
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    Bitte sehr

    MfG Quercus


    Erogami gefällt das.

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