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  1. tanderbold, 09.03.2012 #1

    tanderbold Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    Free download

    Let us present a brand new game for you — Memoflags.
    Would you like to develop your memory and increase your knowledge? You can do it with a new game Memoflags! You will find here not only beautiful pictures, but also you will learn flags of different countries. You won’t stay indifferent towards this captivating process. All you need to do is to find pairs of the identical flags. You have a unique opportunity to develop your memory and find out more about the world around you. Just start and you won’t notice the game carries you away and much time passes before you can tear yourself away. Just try yourself!
    We offer:
    • 52 flags of modern states
    • Infinite number of levels without restrictions
    • 3 types of game (infinite game, game for score, two players game)
    • 3 difficulty levels offering something for each of you
    • An opportunity to play with people all around the world and to compare your scores
    • 12 prizes which you can get for different achievements in the game
    • An amazing game social net OpenFient where you can find friends and compete
    • Assessment of the progress of your results on the basis of which a diagram of your memory changes is built
    • Numerous pleasant minutes with the game and extraordinary memory!