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    Hello guys! Today i'm starting a new project for our arc / s called "Alessandra" , this rom it's based on AOKP ( Thanks to Supervenom for helping me ) .
    This rom will be updated fast and regulary!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    List of bugs : Camcoder not working, waiting fxp for fix it!,
    Boat Browser FC, Fix in the next release. File Expert going to be replaced.

    "Alessandra" V O.1

    • Battery Improved
    • Ported some tweaks from "Htc HD2 aokp"
    • Network Tweaks
    • Pictures Tweaks
    • Added Link2sd
    • Added Whatsapp
    • Added Adobe Flash Player
    • Added AdFree
    • Added File Expert
    • Added Boat Browser
    • Speed Improvement
    • Added Youtube HD Playback
    • Ram Tweaks
    • Improved Scrolling

    "Alessandra" V O.5

    • Fixed random FC
    • Fixed Contacts
    • Cleaned up Build.Prop ( Thanks Mericon )
    • Bluetooth still not working and Reboot bring in recovery ( If anyone can help me, it would be great )

    Alessandra V O.7
    • Added Tweaks for improve Battery
    • Improved Scrolling
    • Improved overall performance
    • Need Help for bluetooth still not working [​IMG]
    • Improved Pictures quality
    • Fixed all FC , very stable now!

    Alessandra V 1
    • Bluetooth Fixed! ( Thanks to JJ for the tip and mericon for the big help )
    • New Music App
    • Tweaked a bit again the system
    • The rom can boot with ArcKnight and Doomkernel but wifi not working, still need help for this.
    • Brightness fixed

    Alessandra V2

    Download : MediafireBIG THANKS MERICON For Help and test!!​

    Kernel : FXP 116 Kernel Mediafire

    Gapps : Download

    Please Hit thanks if you download it, and report a lot of feedback! [​IMG] If you want you can donate me [​IMG]

    Older Versions : ​

    "Alessandra AOKP V O.1" Download : Mediafire

    "Alessandra" V O.5 Download : Mediafire

    Alessandra V O.7 : mediafire

    Alessandra V1 MediaFire

    Need help :

    Ok guys, i have a problem!

    I need your help to fix Two bugs :

    The first one is the reboot bug.

    The second is that i'm trying to make wifi working with DoomKernel V4, but i have lot of problems logcat

    Guys, I must tell you that I have reluctantly decided to sell my Xperia Arc.

    I want to continue to develop but for xperia s, and I must sell my arc if I want to be able to buy it ..

    I'm so sorry, but I am a student with no money and if I wantto point to a better end I need to sell my beloved arc.

    I would ask you to donate, but you might think it is just an attempt to nickel-money.

    You are free to donate if you like, and will continue to support this fantastic Rom and to always update to the latest source Aokp, and maybe I have a project for a kernel of his own, totally compatible .. fast, with a perfect battery.

    Thanks for everything guys, I love you.

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    Gibts bei XDA
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    Danke, mal kucken ;)
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