1. HenkerLenker, 07.02.2012 #1

    HenkerLenker Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 with tweaks and stuff

    It's very new (about a week since I started hacking on it) and not tested at all. So yeah, expect bugs and whatnot [​IMG] It has some nice features like 4/8-way lockscreen and lots of battery tweaks, but it's not completed yet so there's probably more to come.

    Bravo-specific problems and status (tracked in git):

    ROM (omploader): http://ompldr.org/vY29rZA
    GApps (from AOKP website): https://sites.google.com/site/androi...s-1/milestones
    Flash ROM, then GApps (best without rebooting). a2sd scripts are now working.
    Switching from Sandvold's rom/CM9 could work without data wipe, but don't blame me when it crashes. Or just backup and restore. You also should reflash GApps after a wipe, because some things (Currents, Voice, Videos, Google Music) are installed to data.

    FrankenBuild 3
      * clean rebuild against latest AOKP source
      * USB now works
      * added live wallpapers (yay 227MB /system!)
      * just a bit more APNs (should work with most US/European carriers, bug Google if it doesn't)
    FrankenBuild 2 ([URL]http://ompldr.org/vY281dA[/URL])
      * fixed init.d (that means app2sd/data2sd scripts should work now)
      * update to the latest git
    FrankenBuild 1
      * first release
    In this thread we can discuss the ROM, share impressions and screenshots and so on, but please, report bugs on Github.

    Huge thanks to Sandvold, drewis, Evervolv and Team Kang people and everyone who reported bugs, tested and compiled to get ICS working on our devices. Without you guys, this could never have existed.

  2. Mr. Watson, 07.02.2012 #2
    Mr. Watson

    Mr. Watson Android-Experte

    Sieht sehr nett aus, werde das mal Morgen testen !
  3. 2WildFire, 18.02.2012 #3

    2WildFire Android-Guru

    Hab zZ die Beta1 drauf, nicht schlecht!

    ROM (all versions on min.us): AOKP for HTC Desire - Minus
    GApps (from RootzWiki/goo-inside): http://wiki.rootzwiki.com/Google_App...Android_4.x.29
    Recommended A2SD script: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1342387
    Do not use amarullz's data2sdx script. It causes bootloops with the way init.d scripts are handled in AOKP.
    Flash ROM, then GApps (best without rebooting).
    Switching from Sandvold's rom/CM9 could work without data wipe, but don't blame me when it crashes. Or just backup and restore.

    ChangelogBeta 1 "Hitagi"
    • clean rebuild against latest AOKP source (aka build 23+)
      • quick torch feature
      • end call button in notification
      • tablet features added (as if we care :p)
    • update camera and libs
      • Panorama mode works now
      • barcode scanners work
    • upstreamed some things, doesn't depend on anything Evervolv except binaries, so pure AOKP now [​IMG]
    • much lighter, 183MB on /system (thus the codename). Also fits on Data++ w/o OpenWnn (aka Japanese IME)
  4. HenkerLenker, 18.02.2012 #4

    HenkerLenker Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Für mich zur zeit die schnellste und Stabilste ICS für Desire, hier gibt es zwar auch kleine bugs aber keine die mich jetzt am alltäglichen gebrauch stören was bei den anderen leider wohl der Fall ist.

    Bin mal gespannt was bei den ganzen ICS Roms noch so passiert und in wie weit sich die Performance von ICS noch verbessert(Gerade wenn eine ICS/Sense Rom da ist oder eine Miui V4):razz:
  5. tomcat84, 18.02.2012 #5

    tomcat84 Android-Experte

    Laufen denn inzwischen auch die Animationen (z.B. beim Starten und Beenden von Apps) flüssig?

    (Bei einer der letzten Betas von Sandvold, die ich getestet hatte, waren die Homescreens zwar an sich flüssig, aber alle Animationen haben gehakt... das hat mich irgendwie zu sehr gestört ;))
  6. Orion314, 19.02.2012 #6

    Orion314 Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied


    ist diese Version eigentlich multilanguage?
  7. 2WildFire, 19.02.2012 #7

    2WildFire Android-Guru

    Ja! ist sie.
  8. manne49, 19.02.2012 #8

    manne49 Android-Experte

    Jo,da warte ich auch schon drauf;Android4+Sense4,hab da irgendwo mal ein paar bilder von gesehen;sehr schön....


    so in etwa...