1. hanschke, 14.08.2010 #1

    hanschke Threadstarter Gast

    scheint ja keiner mitbekommen zu haben :p

    got tired of the old, quite unreadable, Superuser app that's being used in most every build, so I refreshed it entirely. Some of the new features include:

    - Each permission is shown by it's name, rather than it's UID
    - Many translations (Spanish, German, Czech, Greek, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Danish (Some are full translations, some are only partial))
    - Optional notifications
    - A dialog that shows details of each permission
    - Full logging system
    - A much clearer request window.
    - Permissions are removed when an app is uninstalled to prevent another app from possibly getting permissions you don't want it to have.
    - A bunch of work behind the scenes to smooth things out.
    (New for 2.2)
    - Changed requests to a broadcast intent to prevent app murder.
    - Using new permission scheme for better security
    - Fixed several database leaks.
    - Version display for app and binary in preferences.
    (New for 2.2.1)
    - Install fixed. Will clear old permissions, but it's the last time I'll delete your permissions.
    - Fixed AndroidManifest to allow install on cupcake.
    - Russian translation thanks to stari4ek
    (New for 2.2.2)
    - Install really fixed this time thanks to a trick little shell script in the update.zip
    (New for 2.3)
    - New layout of main app
    - Full logging
    - New request layout
    - Fixed boot/widget bug
    - Date/time format options
    - Better notification system
    - New icon
    - Better allow system
    - A whole mess of code cleanup
    - Rearranged drawables so that only one apk needs to be built for any firmware
    (New for 2.3.1)
    - Big bugfixes
    - Better support for landscape mode
    - better support for ldpi devices

    [APP] Superuser 2.3.1 - Big bugfixes [2010-08-11] - xda-developers
  2. -FuFu-, 14.08.2010 #2

    -FuFu- Android-Urgestein

    doch, schon länger mitbekommen ;) nur noch keine zeit zum testen gehabt
  3. emx_o, 14.08.2010 #3

    emx_o Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    gibts bei der installation irgendwas zu beachten? oder wie üblich superuser.apk und su in die richtigen ordner kopieren?
  4. -FuFu-, 14.08.2010 #4

    -FuFu- Android-Urgestein

    die datei "su-2.3.1-ef-signed.zip" einfach nach OpenRecovery/updates kopieren und dann per OpenRecovery installieren, also in der OR apply update oder so heißt das machen, sollte fuktionieren...
    der kopiert die dateien dann richtig, soweit ich das in der update.zip sehe...
  5. hanschke, 14.08.2010 #5

    hanschke Threadstarter Gast

    genau. einfach ins fufu script und per or installieren. scheint wieder alles zu laufen. hatte aber davor auch schon einen fix mir aus dem cm mod geklaut ;)