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    Hi all,

    Who's Calling
    V2.5.2 is finally released, you can download it at Android
    Market" now. who's calling is
    for telling the unknown calls.

    It helps avoid troubles and awkward situations.

    While receiving a unknown
    call, "who's calling" can show you the information about the unknown
    number immediately.

    Users can report the
    recommended block list for more people to download the list. This is the picture of
    receiving an unknown call. who’s calling can search information about the
    call automatically.

    1. Who's Calling success has helped nearly 5,000,000 calls made ​​strange telephone information;
    Stable service support with more than 10 million people;
    2. Who's Calling Support U.S., UK, Japan, India, South Korea and Taiwan and other regions;
    3. Who's Calling support only the Android open systems technology, iphone can not use the feature;

    4. New features list:
    1. release of large and small WIDGETs;
    2. new manual search function;
    3. links from around the world yellow pages database;

    Feel good, please give us five stars rating; if any room for improvement, welcome to our Facebook page to give advice!

    Become fans of our Facebook page:Who's Calling Mobile App | Facebook

    ‪"who's calling" android amazing app!!‬‏ - YouTube

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