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    -AOKP Based ICS 4.0.4 IMM76I (Built from Source)
    -Standard Fluxi Kernel with xxTweaker
    -Launchers: Nova and LG UI 3.0 (240DPI +SGS3 Theme)
    -Multi Waves Lockscreen (Multi Waves Style + 3-8 Targets + Stock)
    -AntTek Explorer
    -Apollo Music Player
    -Inverted Messaging (Black&Blue)


    v1.8 Final ICS Version September 04 2012

    Removed Dorimanx - Aroma Options
    Removed Dark Knight Kernel - Aroma Options
    Updated Siyah ICS Kernel v4.1.2

    Project name: platform_manifest
      •Bajee11 - Track CM zlib to fix fopen64
    Project name: vendor_aokp_ics
      •Bajee11 - Change RootBox version V1.8
      •Bajee11 - Fix product name for build.prop
      •Bajee11 - Update OTA app Update Me 1.3.4
      •Bajee11 - USB Tether fix
      •Bajee11 - Add Galaxy Note (N7000) support
    Project name: proprietary_vendor_samsung
      •chris41g - update
      •Robert Burns - Fix toro/d2vzw coexistence
      •Daniel Bateman - vibrantmtd: done goofed
      •PierPP - galaxys2: updated blobs from LPT this should let us get back HSPAP:15 - thx bajee11
      •Scott Warner - Update d2 blobs
      •Scott Warner - Update d2spr to match jellybean
      •Daniel Hillenbrand - n7000: use opensauce sensor hal
      •Daniel Bateman - vibrantmtd: original gps libs
      •Bajee11 - Use LPS RIL
      •Shareef Ali - Fix camera
      •Chris41g - Update epic4gtouch/epic4gtouch-vendor-blobs.mk
    Project name: android_bootable_recovery
      •Daniel Bateman - recovery: fix up key repeating
      •Koushik Dutta -
      •Koushik Dutta - First pass at fixing up the threading issues in ro.cwm.enable_key_repeat.
      •David Ferguson - recovery: support for more than 1 sdcard in USB mass storage
      •Koushik Dutta - allow customization of the backup format
      •Koushik Dutta - add nandroid menu extension
      •Koushik Dutta - cleanups
      •Koushik Dutta - rename dedupe_gc to nandroid_dedupe_gc
      •Koushik Dutta - rename dedupe_gc to nandroid_dedupe_gc
      •Koushik Dutta - Add minizip tool.
      •Koushik Dutta - Rename Nandroid to backup/restore. Allow configuration of default backup handlers.
    Project name: frameworks_base
      •rodries - Fix compiling errors in AudioService.java
      •Phil Tunstall - Fix ring/notification volume not restoring correctly on headset (dis)connect
      •Phil Tunstall - Sound preference: Safe volume restore when plugging in a headset (1/2)
      •Phil Tunstall - Fix ring/notification volume not restoring correctly on headset (dis)connect
      •Emilio López - Turn off "too slow" logs.
      •rodries - Fix 100% cpu usage with no early suspend Fom http://review.android.git.linaro.org/#change,2431
      •codeworkx - Smdk4210RIL: swap voice privacy and video
      •Bajee11 - Add xhdpi RootBox ressources
    Project name: packages_apps_Camera
      •rodries - Fix compiling error
      •Ricardo Cerqueira - Camera: Prevent double-stops on preview for some HALs
      •Jorge Ruesga - Fix 5914: Reset Camera to Defaults Crashes Camera App
    Project name: AOKP_Backup
      •Roman Birg - add initial Parse compatibility
      •Roman Birg - add parse lib, some cleanup
      •Roman Birg - fix index issue
      •Roman Birg - initial split of ICS & JB settings. 1.5
    Project name: android_packages_apps_Mms
      •Romuald Brunet - MMS app: fix crash when MMSC setting is NULL
      •Jorge Ruesga - Fix 5872: (Mms) Phone doesn't vibrate on receiving texts unless on vibrate only
      •Andrew Jiang - Mms: Updated Simplified Chinese Translations
      •pvolkov - Update Russian Translation-Mms-CM9
    Project name: android_packages_apps_Trebuchet
      •Rajulu Ponnada - Launcher: increasing the lower bound and upperbound of loaded pages to avoid stutter in applist scroll
    Project name: android_packages_apps_Superuser
      •Björn Lundén - SuperUser : New xhdpi icon
    Project name: android_packages_apps_Browser
      •Marco Brohet - Browser: Update search engines
    Project name: android_device_samsung_galaxys2
      •PierPP - extract-files: new shared lib for LPT ril blobs
      •Bajee11 - SGS2 Hardware Info + RootBox Tweaks
      •Francesco - GalaxyS2_DeviceSettings - Updated Italian translation
      •syman - Added missing translation for vibration settings
    Project name: android_kernel_samsung_smdk4210
      •codeworkx - kang touchscreen values and bcmdhd driver from siyah
      •codeworkx - samsung opensource ics update 6
      •codeworkx - samsung opensource ics update 5
    Project name: android_external_zlib
      •Koushik Dutta - minizip: fix up erroneous fopen64 usage.
    v1.7 July 21 2012

    Updated Fluxi ICS Kernel XX.03-beta3-s2w
    Updated Dorimanx ICS Kernel V4.9 Updated Siyah ICS Kernel v3.4 Updated Dark Knight ICS Kernel V1.9.2
    Updated Solid Explorer Beta 2 Updated Update Me 1.3.3
    Using OpenSource Sensor Hal Fixed HSPA+ behaviour - AOKP S2 users are not getting HSPA+ at the moment
    Fixed init.d - Thanks to users for pointing it out
    Fixed Location showing multiple times in camera settings
    Fixed Date not showing up in dropdown menu
    Added New Bootanimation - Thanks to BigDenn
    Added Burst shots (up to 20 shots) - Camera
    Added Fast Dormancy app
    Aroma Option Changed Lockscreen wave count from 5 to 3 -Looks better this way Changed Lockscreen position
    Lowered it as stock Changed default wallpaper
    Changed File Explorers extract location to /data/app (easier for user update)
    More to come...

    v1.6 July 10 2012

    Milestone 6
    Updated Fluxi ICS Kernel XX.03-beta1
    Updated Dorimanx ICS Kernel V4.4 Updated xxTweaker 0.4.0_beta1 Updated Siyah ICS Kernel v3.3.3B Added Dark Knight ICS Kernel V1.8 Fixed DSP Manager issue
    Fixed Jelly Bean Animations
    Fixed "recents" Opening When Waking Device With Home Button Fixed keypad lighting up when screen backlight auto-adjusts
    CM Kernel Fixed Samsung Volume Bug (Headset/Music/Notification) - Thanks to Codeworkx Fixed Automatic Timezone Failing - AOKP Added Camera ISO Support - Merged from CM Camera Added OTA - Update Me (requested by users)
    Added OTA in Settings OTA: ROM, Kernel, xxTweaker & Phone DPI. Reverted Lockscreen Handle - Removed RB
    Removed Dark Background option - Aroma Noise Suppression - AOKP/CM Extend Reset Touch Focus Delay to 15 seconds from 3 seconds Merged from CM Camera Configurable Touchkey Backlight Timeout - CM Kernel (Device Settings)

    v1.5 July 04 2012

    Minor Fixes
    Updated Fluxi ICS Kernel XX.02-beta10 Updated Dorimanx ICS Kernel 4.0B Updated Dark Theme GAPPS (Thanks to Team ICEmods)
    Added xxTweaker to Settings (Only shows if you have xxTweaker installed in /system/app)
    Added ExTweaks to Settings (Only shows if you have ExTweaks installed in /system/app)
    Added CM Browser
    Added CM Mms - Option to change the soft keyboard type when composing in default Mms (Smiley, Enter to a new line or Enter to send)
    Added Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) Animations -Aroma Option (thanks to hikarugo)
    AOKP/CM Upstream as Always

    v1.4 Jun 26 2012

    Build 40 AOKP
    Added Dorimanx 3.9B Kernel
    Updated Solid Explorer
    Updated Fluxi Kernel ICS XX.02-beta9
    Updated xxTweaker0.3.9_rc2
    Modified Aroma Installer - Avoid installation of GAPPS
    Modified Aroma Installer - Avoid installation of DSP Manager & Beats Audio
    Minor Bug Fixes

    v1.3 June 21 2012

    Merged remaining updates from B39 (Including weather refresh bug)
    Redesigned Aroma Installer
    Easier to select options
    Added CM9 Kernel
    Compiled from source
    Added Back Apollo Music Player
    Added Google Play Music
    Added Beats Audio
    Added TouchWiz UX Launcher
    Added Toggle Option
    Added Background Option
    Added Lockscreen Vibration Option
    Added 3G tweaks in build.prop
    Upgraded Fluxi Kernel ICS XX.02-beta6
    Upgraded xxTweaker0.3.9_rc1
    Removed LG Memo App
    Fixed Battery Drain Issue
    Many more AOKP/CM merges

    v1.2 June 14 2012

    Build 39 AOKP
    New Installer: Aroma
    Added Siyah Kernel ICS v3.3.2
    Added ExTweaks (Will install if Siyah selected in custom installation)
    Added xxTweaker0.3.9-beta5 (Will install as default if Siyah not selected)
    Added Sony Walkman Player
    Upgraded Fluxi Kernel ICS XX.02-beta4
    Upgraded DSPManger V2.0
    Upgraded Nova Launcher
    Removed Apollo Player
    Tweaked Hosts File
    Tweaked build.prop (Media, Phone, Battery, WiFi and GUI) Modded Dark Theme Messaging app keyboard to display enter key instead of smiley (Thanks to aceofclubs)
    Minor upstream upgrades from AOKP

    v1.1 June 10 2012

    Build 38 AOKP
    Fixed USB Connection Type
    Fixed Internal Storage Option (Internal=SDCard External=emmc)
    Added New Lockscreen Waves/Handle Implementation as default
    Added New RBOX Wallpapers (Thanks to BigDenn/Hospital349)
    Added S2 Device Settings
    Changed Contacts (People - Black&Blue)
    Changed Keyboard (Black)
    Changed Toggle Icons (Toggles made by Cyberboob)
    Changed File Manager - Solid Explorer
    Changed Holo Background to Full Black
    Lots of minor improvements

    June 07 2012

    -Ported Memo app from LG (Thanks to XaToR91)
    -Added RootBOX wallpapers

    June 06 2012

    -Added New Bootanimation (Thanks to BigDenn)
    -Added Sound to Bootanimation
    -Added Latest Fluxi Kernel XX.02
    -Added SGS3 Theme for LG UI Launcher (Thanks to XaToR91)
    -Added RootBOX wallpapers


    -RootBox v1.7: Download
    -Gapps: Download


    -AOKP Team
    -CM9 Team
    -FrozenAOKP Team



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  2. #2 Me-Virus, 07.06.2012
    Die ROM ist nun verfügbar. Mal schauen was sie so bietet und ob sie sich groß von den anderen AOKP-ROM's unterscheidet.
  3. ein link währe sehr hilfreich, vermute ich mal
    • USB Connection Type not implemented (Only UMS for now)
    • Only 240 DPI for LG Launcher
    • Nav Bar Not Compatible With LG Launcher
    • Phone.apk for DPI Changes - Download Fix here

    BlankerHans bedankt sich.
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  6. #6 mareis1973, 15.06.2012
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    Version 1.2 ist draußen



    v1.2 (20120614)
    New Installer: Aroma
    Added Siyah Kernel ICS v3.3.2
    Added ExTweaks (Will install if Siyah selected in custom installation)
    Added xxTweaker0.3.9-beta5 (Will install as default if Siyah not selected)
    Added Sony Walkman Player
    Upgraded Fluxi Kernel ICS XX.02-beta4
    Upgraded DSPManger V2.0
    Upgraded Nova Launcher
    Removed Apollo Player
    Tweaked Hosts File
    Tweaked build.prop (Media, Phone, Battery, WiFi and GUI)
    Modded Dark Theme Messaging app keyboard to display enter key instead of smiley (Thanks to aceofclubs)
    Minor upstream upgrades from AOKP

    Habe mir die neue Version auf das Handy gespielt.
    Bin sehr begeistert, gefällt mir mindestens so gut wie die Hydra wenn nicht sogar einen ticken besser.
    Vor allem der Sony Walkman weiß zu gefallen.
    Ansonsten läuft alles stabil.

    Schick gell


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  7. #7 sergid92, 18.06.2012
    Habe die Rom installiert, sie funktioniert zwar, kommt auf den Home Bildschirm aber das Handy stockt die ganze zeit,
    zudem kommen Benachrichtigungen dass Apps nicht reagieren, vor allem die Google Apps, Kalender, Kontakte etc.
    Bitte um Hilfe weil ich die Rom eingentlich ziemlich genial finde !
  8. Hatte das selbe Problem unter dualboot..
  9. #9 sergid92, 18.06.2012
    Oh ja nutze auch Dualboot wusste aber nicht dass es sich so auf eine tom auswirkt thx !

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9100 mit Tapatalk 2
  10. Könntest es vlt unter primary rom probieren, vlt geht es ja dann?^^
  11. #11 MadMurdoc, 19.06.2012
    Wie sieht es eigentlich mit Problem der Medien auf der externen aus? Gibt es das noch?

    Kann man testen, in dem man mal neue Musik auf das Gerät spielt.

    Möge die Macht mit dir sein.
    Versendet von meinem SGS2
  12. @MadMurdoc

    Ich habe gerade mal ein paar Songs (MP3s) via MTP auf die externe SD kopiert. Diese waren umgehend im Apollo Player zu sehen und natürlich zu hören.

    Habe allerdings keinen Fullwipe zur RootBox 1.2 gemacht, sondern kam von Hydra 1.4.1.

    Gruß, NiXiN
    MadMurdoc bedankt sich.
  13. #13 mareis1973, 19.06.2012
    Auch mit Fullwipe alle Musik da:thumbup:

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    MadMurdoc bedankt sich.
  14. #14 hermi327, 19.06.2012
    Habe nur mit Quickpic probleme. Es lädt und lädt... mit der Galerie gehts einwandfrei!
  15. #15 mareis1973, 19.06.2012
    Qiickpic funktioniert bei mir einwandfrei
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  16. #16 MadMurdoc, 19.06.2012
    Bei mir auch. :)
    Meine Probleme sind erstmal gelöst bei dieser ROM :)
  17. #17 mareis1973, 19.06.2012
    Na siehste;)

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  18. #18 MadMurdoc, 20.06.2012
    Böses erwachen gehabt.
    Heute Nacht während es geladen hat, taktete erst nicht bei 100 sondern die ganze zeit bei 1200. War dezent blöd das mein Handy glühte.

    Fullwipe hab ich noch nicht vollzogen, Kernel ist der aktuellste Fluxi. Daran dürfte es nicht liegen, da ich den Kernel schon länger drauf hatte bei der anderen ROM und dort keine Probleme hatte.

    Ich beobachte weiter, aber vielleicht hat ja irgendwer eine Idee. Ob irgendeine app verrückt spielt bin ich grad am raus finden.

    Möge die Macht mit dir sein.
    Versendet von meinem SGS2
  19. #19 Chris1996, 20.06.2012
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 20.06.2012
    @ MadMurdoc

    Hab mir RootBox jez auch wieder geflasht - mal schaun ob es bei mir genauso auftritt ;) werde morgen berichten :thumbup:

    Sent with my SGS II
  20. #20 MadMurdoc, 20.06.2012
    Das findet man am besten mit coolstats raus, da sieht man dann sofort wenn die Taktung zu hoch ist, CPUSpy ist da schon fast zu spät^^

    Ich mach jetzt nen Fullwipe, flaschen der Rebell ROM hatte das Problem gelöst, aber dafür sind die alten wieder da.

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