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  1. Hey guys..

    I know English isn't spoken by most people here and I am extremely sorry but I'm in need of a solution I cant find in any other forum.
    Basically, I'm having prob.lems with installing themes and I think its because I have app2sd installed.
    I can't seem to find anything related to this on any thread either
    The only way I can install themes is with the "Install themes without apps option" in the Open Recovery mod. :(
    Has anyone else faced this problem and is there a solution for it.

    Again, I am extremely sorry for posting in English
  2. app2sd has noting to do whit install a theme, all apps that being modifitet are copy to /system/app
    how you copy the themes in the openrecover mod? are the folders are in correct order there?
    i tryed it myself and it works great and i also have app2sd installed...
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    it is, because you installed OpenRecovery. All scripts here ( are written for ADBRecovery and not for OpenRecovery (sripts for ADBRecovery point to /bin scripts for OpenRecovery point to /sbin).

    So there a several possbilities for you:

    a) change, so that it points to /sbin
    b) run the theme in FuFu's
    --> best write him a PN, if you want translation...
    c) just switch from OpenRecovery to ADBRecovery as you like - just have to change the specific, e.g. if you want to use ADBRecovery, use the one for this, if you want to run OpenRecovery, use the one for that...
  4. Thanks for the replies guys..Appreciate it

    But, Ive tried installing with both methods..The phone just doesnt start when i install the script with ADBRecovery or with the Install Theme Option on OpenRecovery
    It's always stuck at the android boot animation and i have to perform a nandroid restore to get it working again.
    All themes only work with the Install Themes without apps option.
    I wiped my phone recently and I could install the themes no problem when it was on stock.However, I installed app2sd and then they do not install again.
    Also..There could be another problem..I have skinned facebook and twitter apps in my system/app.Could they be the problem?
    How about i copy the apps manually to system/app using adb, will it work then?
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    try, do not forget to set permissions :)
  6. skinned facebook or twitter apps not make problems....
    i also have app2sd and for me it works great...
    but at the moment i have noe idea where is the problem, i will take a look at the scripts (may most of all scripts are the same) and try it again...

    whats firmware you have installed? may there is a problem with one of the apk with your firmware?
    just try to copy the apk you self by using the adb shell
    the commands you need are all in the scripts ;)
  7. Thanks a lot guys!
    Will revert back to you!!
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    hi and welcome to :)
    english shouldn´t be the problem. as you can see, here are some of us speaking english, too. maybe our english isn´t at it´s best.. but i think, we´ll understand each other ;) so there´s no need to feel sorry!

    which themes are you trying to install on your milestone? just as fufu, i don´t think that facebook and twitter apps are the origin for your problems.
    if i got it right you tried installing the themes via adbrecovery and openrecovery.. as for me, i´m installing by changing the icons inside of the apks themselves. or using themes from other members who take the same way.
    i have to say that i don´t use apps2sd because within my launcher there are only 38 apps and i´ve got enough space on the phone. so there´s no need to use apps2sd. but i experienced the fewest problems by changing the apks themselves. so give it a try, if possible? :)

  9. Hey Kistebier!

    Well I've tried almost every theme in this forum.Carbonred,techblue,blackandroid,beyond the ocean,and GlassStone as well as others
    And the problem occurs with each and every one of them.It is not isolated to just one theme. However..I shall try your suggestion and the other ones as well and report back
  10. #10 KisteBier, 26.05.2010
    no problem.. you´re welcome :)

    hope you´ll find a solution that works for you. in my opinion it should work with changing icons within apks.. i´m not sure how others realize their scripts, usually i take the apks and integrate´em in my own script.. so i can use mine and just have to adapt some things.
    i use adb shell and shell-scripts and never had a single problem (as far as the syntax is correct ;) )
    best wishes! let us know what´s going on. in case it wouldn´t work, we´ll try to get a working solution.


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